I get no Respect

I umpire little league baseball through April and May. It’s pretty good money but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. I love baseball. I love it. But coaches and parents can make you wonder just how much you dig it. I think the biggest thing is they do not, and I mean DO NOT read the rule book. And so they think they know all the rules when they haven’t even looked at one. I guess they think they know the rules that they went by when they were kids. But my how the times have changed.

Just the other night I had a coach throw a fit about a call I made and so he was tore up for three complete innings. He even said he had 16 people that agreed with him. So during the half of an inning, my partner and I counted all the people on the bleachers and there wasn’t even 10. So where 16 people came from, I’m not sure. Anyway, after the third inning he proceeded in bringing out the rule book to show him where the rule was that we were stating.

I came so close to throwing him out. God has really showed me so much patience with people. This I am glad for. Yet it is a vise of mine as well. I get so angry cause I can’t do what the flesh asks me to do. God’s commands are bitter-sweet. I take repletion in the idea that I can keep and small portion of them, yet I cringe at the thought of breaking just one. More so after it has been broken. The shame is overbearing.

So I stayed patient and God rewarded me. No, the coach didn’t walk off cause I wouldn’t agree with him, which would have been more of a blessing. Yet, I had the privilege to show him he was wrong. After the game, we showed him in the rule book how he had missed the idea of the rule. Case solved.

He ruined my night. He ruined the kids night, and he ruined his night simply cause he didn’t read the rule book. I could go into this long legalistic view of how we don’t read God’s rule book and it screws up our live. But I’m not that stupid, to call the bible a book of rules. It definitely guides us, but to consider it a rule book is totally eccentric.

So I think I have a small increment of knowledge of how God feels, seeing He can sometimes be the ultimate “umpire” and we don’t play fair. and to use the whole idea that life is a game is a bit ludicrous as well. So let me back off from this analogy because it’s getting a bit comedic. I think you get my point though.

Read God’s word, apply it, and don’t argue with the umpire cause He’s not gonna change his call anyway.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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