Why God????????

Why God? This is probably the biggest question ever proposed other than “Does God exist?”.

Right now I’m reading a book called The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity by Alex McFarland. May I share an excerpt with you?

“Another person might question how a loving God (if He even exists) could allow massive tragedies such as tsunamis, hurricanes or even human genocide to wipe out innocent people.”

I have no explanation. I am not God. To ask Him why he would do such a thing is to also ask Him why He would paint the sky blue or apply fragrance to the flower. It was his creative decision. So to ask Him why he would harm innocent people is beyond me. But my secondary question is, who is innocent and who is guilty? That’s for another blog though.

But I will say this. People seem to believe that innocent deaths is the punishment for our sinful behavior. But we already know that “the wages of sin is death.(Romans 6:23)” So this is not the case for the death this verse talks about is a spiritual death. So is God punishing innocent people with a physical death by natural disasters?

This question poses a problem to me. The question doesn’t ask but states that people see death as a punishment. It says that people think life is the only thing worth living for. They believe that nothing is beyond the grave. After a successful life here on earth, we can count our money and throw in the towel. It’s over. Death is the death of all that ever existed. Nothing more is beyond the grave, lights out to never be turned on again. Stick a fork in us because we’re done! Death is believed to be punishment.

I see death as a reward. The bible tells me that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). I do not see heaven as my reward although it is a nice place. I do not see my “mansion” as a reward although it shall be beautiful. I do not see pearly gates, streets of gold, a sea of glass, and a fine wedding feast as reward, although they will be marvelous to see.

I see Jesus as reward. I see to be with Him for eternity as reward. I see a glorious celebration with Jesus as guest of honor as reward. So to see death as punishment is by far erroneous. Death for me is profitable. For to live is Christ, to die is gain! (Philippians 1:21)


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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