Do You Love America????

May I vent? Is it possible that if I sat here and wrote tonight that you would actually take the time to read my frustration? Well lets give it a shot.

So I was at Siberia today for lunch having myself a wonderful cup of Caramel Mochiatto and starting chapter four of my book When Dogs Howl. Siberia has like six computers for the general public to access the internet. All of them were taken up and I really wanted to get on one to do a quick research but I couldn’t. Now mind you these people on the computers definitely have one thing in common with me. They like their “myspace”. So much that it steamed me really, really, really bad.

Not because they wouldn’t get off and let me do a quick research. No. The reason far surpasses any of my selfishness desires. You see while I was sitting there a soldier from the United States Army walked in and ordered him some coffee and sat down to watch for an empty spot on the computers. I noticed he had a piece of paper in his hand. Being a brother of two military soldiers, I was sure he needed the internet to maybe set up some kind of transportation or something I was rather sure was important.

No one budged. A computer came open but the man was not sure if the woman was done because she was cleaning the desk off yet the program she was using had not shut down. So he was still under the assumption she was still busy. Some other young lady came over and sat down and couldn’t get the program to shut down so she just opened up the internet and went to town on none other than her “myspace”.

When I saw this I began to boil. I came so close to standing up in the middle of this coffee shop and yell to those on the computer, “Do you love you country?” If any of them had’ve said yes, I would have continued on with something along the lines of, “Then why don’t you get off your hineys and let this man who has sacrificed his civil life to the Army and possibly maybe even heading overseas do defend your freedoms to sit down and take care of some important business. I’m sure your myspace(ing) can wait.”

But I sat there reserved. I was chomping at the bit. This is my “D” side coming out of me. No one budged. So I did. I left. Now, let me ask you. Do you love your country. I show HIGH respect to anyone in uniform. Probably because I was to chicken to sign up. But c’mon. If you see someone in uniform, give them respect. They may not be asking for it. But I am asking you to do it.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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