I hate the lottery

Let me first say that I voted against it. Biblically, you can’t find anything in the bible that speaks agains the lottery. But the bible is all over the byproducts of lottery:  greed, selfishness, love for money, false hope. So I was and still am against it but not only for the aforementioned  reasons.

Probably the main reason I am against the lottery today is because of what happened to me and has happened to me more than once. I stopped in to get some gas and used my debit card at the pump. After I filled up, the wonderful little scrolling text comes up and says, “Cashier has receipt”. So I go in to get my receipt. A simple little piece of paper that should take about oh… maybe at the maximum of 10 seconds to receive.

But noooooooooooooo! I have to wait behind a guy for near 6-7 minutes because even though the store has a separate cash register for the lottery to help keep the line moving, they only had one person working and the guy had to buy oh… about um… 20 tickets for the cash drawing. And they had be printed out.

All I want is my stinking receipt. In all actuality I was there first but because the store employees are too lazy (maybe busy, I’ll give them the benefit of doubt) to refill the roll of paper at the pump, I have to wait to get a lousy little piece of paper. I fricken HATE the lottery. Because I have to wait on someone to blow their money on a useless, hopeless attempt to make it rich quick only to blow it on crap and junk if they win. Because let’s face it. How many people you know of that has hit the lottery actually invested it and stayed wealthy? I can’t count on my hands how many people hit the lottery only to file for bankruptcy later. Let’s get real. If they really knew how to manage their money, they wouldn’t be playing the lottery. They’d already be rich. How many rich people you know that has played the lottery. A big fat ZerO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So……….. I digress now!


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

4 Responses to I hate the lottery

  1. lotterylogic says:

    I agree it must be very frustrating to be held up waiting for your receipt. A lot of such problems could be avoided if state authorities would allow sales of lottery tickets online.

    Obviously there are mixed emotions about lotteries and this leads to confused legislation. Our representatives are willing in many states allow its citizens to buy lottery tickets but do not allow us to buy online. This is like saying we need the lottery to be a success but we don’t want to make it easy to buy tickets. What happened to freedom of choice and personal responsibility?

  2. triprolo says:

    I appreciate you comment. I was actually blown away, cause you have a good answer (if there is one) to buying tickets and saving me the hassle of having to wait on something I had hoped wouldn’t come to my state.

    Thanks for replying. And I will agree with you on the internet idea of buying tickets. Although, I will say I have not ventured into studying the pros and cons of that niche to buying tickets, it sounds like a great idea on the top of the water.

  3. Saph says:

    I’m stuck in the middle on the topic. I too am not one of those people that say betting is a sin. Betting is fine, and so is a lot of other “sins”, it’s the reasons and such that are bad. Buying a scratch ticket for fun = good. Pawning your wedding ring to bet more money = bad. Most things in excess is bad.

    Like alcohol, I believe that the risk of addiction and excess outweighs the benefits or reason for doing it. Sure drinking every once in a while, buying a ticket, is fun. But buying one every day or drinking every night and you risk letting it out of control. Gods warns us about many things, and most of the time you’re better off not doing them because the risk is too much.

    The decision here in the end falls to whether the fun of betting every once in a while, the hope it gives to some for a better life, the income and money it brings to the state outweigh the risk of some people not being able to control themselves and ruining their lives, bringing grief, and such.

    Does giving people something fun to do every once in a while justify the people who ruin themselves?

    In the end I think the answer is too big for me. I personally can’t say that sacrificing things because of the few who do it wrong is ever a good thing. But who knows.

  4. triprolo says:

    I once heard that if God had not created us, it would have been terrible cause he had not shown the love that He has. Theologically, yeah this is wrong. But I understand the thought process. Why hold back the love that He has just because He knew some would refuse and go to hell?

    Same as alcohol, of marijuana, or even the lottery. It is a big decision. Thankfully, it’s not ultimately left up to me. i have made my decision based on my weaknesses and the weaknesses of those who I have been entrusted to lead.

    Saph, if there were more people in this world like you and I, this place would better off. Lol. I like the way you think.

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