What’s with me?

To say the least worship has not been right the past couple of weeks. Last week I burnt Amazing Grace by starting in 3/4 (traditional) and I meant to start it in 4/4. This week, we couldn’t get the tempo right for Beautiful One in the first service and the second service I burnt How Great Thou Art. Geez!

So I told the congregation that I figured after service Pastor John was gonna make a visist to the house to fire me and send me back home to Lewisburg. (Which I’m sure folks back home would love that). In a weird twisted kinda way, it wouldn’t bother me either, but I digress.

But what followed after that was truly touching to say the least. I was talking about how we cannot do enough or too little to earn the love and grace of God. It has been abundantly handed out evenly to everyone. I have received as much as even the best christian or the lowliest. Praise God for that. So when I told them about being fired and sent back home, they all spoke up in the middle of worship. They all told me that wasn’t gonna happen, gave me a word of encouragement and gave me a standing ovation. Well… they were standing all ready. They just applauded.

I don’t know what’s going on with worship. I have never bombed songs this much so often. As a band, were gonna have to step up our game and get our focus right. Something’s not working right. My problem is I’m easily distracted and many little things can take my focus. I definitely need to pray about that.

So if you pray, help  a fella cracker out and pray for our ministry over here at Xtreme Ministries. God is doing a good thing. and sometimes it hurts to be humbled. But on the flip side, it sure feels good to be encouraged by your fellow bros and sis’s in Christ. It’s really awesome to do a face plant on the pavement and your church walk over and grab you by the collar and pull you up. God has blessed Carrie and I with a great family in Christ. I was so overwhelmed by the love yesterday morning. Like I told one friend that is such an encourager, “I only hope I can love back with the same caliber of love shown to me!”



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to What’s with me?

  1. Corey L. says:

    Nicely said. You are a great singer/guitar player and a great worship leader. I’m sure you’ll get all of the kinks worked out. We do miss ya here in Lewisburg but I know you’ll do great things where God wants you.

  2. triprolo says:

    Thanks Corey. Thanks for hangin out at my blog as well.

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