Red Rover Red Rover Let ___________ Come On Over!

Last year I was blown away to find out that Brian “Head” Welch the guitarist for Korn got saved and now is rocking for Jesus. In the 90’s I freakin loved Korn. They were kickin it. I would have never guessed at that time that the guitarist would just up and walk away from all that, turn his life over to Jesus and start a new career singing about his addictions and through the power of Jesus Christ he over came.

You can find videos all over youtube with him explaining his conversion. Here’s one.

After I found this out I wanted to learn more and so I came across his book he wrote, “Save Me From Myself”.

What an encouraging story. You are truly a witness for Christ my man.

So now, as I was looking into a  “Conference In a Box” to help my worship team learn more about the ins and outs of doing worship ministry, I came across a name I knew I knew too well. But I just couldn’t believe that who I thought it was would be part of a training material for worshipping Jesus. But I was wrong when I looked more into it. It was the guy I thought it was and he was all about some Jesus. WOW! His name?

Dave Ellefson

So this guy was the stuff. Probably still is. I got to see him in action during his Megadeth days and he freakin rocked my face off. Front rown, right up under him. It was great. But now, he leads worship and he’s teaching bass players in worship bands. How cool is that. Here’s a video of him, obviously a promo, but he’s doing his thang around minute marker 1:27.

Is this not the coolest thing. God is winning all around us. God is in control and He’s taking his earth back. He’s taking His people back.

Red rover red rover, let _______________ come on over. Who would you like to see filled in the blank?


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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