Camping at Land Between the lakes

We had a blast camping out at Land between the Lakes. We went with some great friends Kevin and Sarita Rain. Had more church than a normal church service, in which I am convinced we had the truest form of church, not the idealistic view of the western world. We had some great food including Steak, beans, potatoes, bratwurst, eggs and bacon. We didn’t go hungry that’s for sure. I weighed myself when I got home and I think I even gained a few pounds.

We went to Ft. Donelson, a Civil War battle ground, and we went to the nature center and to  history of Land between the Lakes. We went to the Homeplace and checked out a farm that still works today as if it was in the 185o’s. This one guy was walking out and he was about 20 or so and he said, “Man, I wished times were as simple and slow as they were back then.” We got in there and saw how hard they worked at cutting wood for fences and a few other things that would totally kill our wonderful ammenities and we started asking each other if he had noticed how much harder they worked back then.

Yeah I wished we could go back to a simpler way of life. I think it would be great to slow down for a little while. But man, that back breaking work now, my daddy would have beat me every day for my laziness.

Here’s a few pics from our camping trip. You can click on the first picture and it will take you to a slide-show powered by photobucket.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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