I wasn’t necessarily raised in church. When I was young we went to a small country church complete with butt hurting pews, squeaky floors and the smell of White Rain hairspray.

When my teen years got here I made occasional appearances to church but nothing serious. It wasn’t till I was eighteen that I met a girl and the only way her parents would let me spend time with her I had to go to church on Sundays. So I did. Since then I have pretty much been a regular attendee of the corporate worship.

I say all that to say I have never been much of fitting into the traditional orthodox box. I never have liked wearing a suit and tie. When the choir had to wear black slacks I chose to where dark jeans.

I have had a few through my life in Christ to put their arms around me and embrace my rebelliousness of the norm. They didn’t try to change me. If God is a God of creation He most certainly had an imagination. So why do we try to create a cookie cutter mold of Christians?

So today I think I have attended the most comforting Easter celebration I have ever had the opportunity to being part of. In our church, we celebrate the idea of uniqueness. Ted brought the message in tennis shoes. Not one person sported a tie. I busted up in chucks and blue jeans. But really what made it “xtreme” was the fact that we were able incorporate White Lion music in a video capitalizing the fact Jesus is risen. Second, we were able to incorporate a Twisted Sister song into worship speaking how that since Jesus is alive we should celebrate and rock out in celebration.

I stepped out of my proverbial box and became even more xtreme than I ever have been. I’m sure if my previous churches had experienced what we prepared for church today, they would have flipped a loop at how we celebrated the resurrection today.

He is risen and we are Xtreme about it. If you don’t like that, get ready because I just might become even more dignified than this.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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