Is Today’s Church Structure Wrong

I’m writing a book. Actually writing two. One is basically shelved and the other is coming along slowly. The one that’s shelved for the moment is one about anti-traditionalism. I can’t stand doing things “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

Since our pastor had a moral failure and stepped down, our church has been contemplating something unique and very different from the norm. Which is why I pose the question, is today’s church structure wrong. Or should it better be asked is it biblical. I mean one things for sure is people are coming to the faith like it is but could we draw more people to the faith if we look at the biblical model of ekklesia and do it that way.

How’s that way you may ask. I’m not sure how it looks. I’ve never seen it done this way before. But I don’t thinks it’s supposed to be lecture style services.  I believe the gifts are still active today. I believe in the five fold ministry; offices of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. I believe in the gifts of the spirit and that everyone has something to offer during the time we gather to worship.

I’m not sure and have never been sure about one guy standing before many, telling them how to live and then trying to run a church. Today, our interim pastor told us about 16 things a pastor has to do all at one time. I can’t remember all 16 so don’t ask. I think it’s time one person stopped being the hand, the foot, the fingers, the arms, the toes, and all of the body. It’s time the church stepped up and became the body like they should.

The only thing that I cannot vision is how can this look with 50+ people. How did the disciples make it happen when they were adding to their numbers daily. How can we get away from lecturing from one person and allow someone to bring a word, a prophecy, or a song. How does this look?

One thing that I have a problem with is it’s hard for me to jump on something if I can’t envision how something looks. I can see this easily with a handful of people, like in small groups or even house churches, but how does it look with small churches where there is 50+ people in worship. Don’t know! But I will say this. It’s time for a shift in the paradigm. I think it’s time we get away from being lectured to and start investing in one another.

Tell me what YOU think!!!!!!

Wanna know where you stand in the APEST? Are you an apostle. Do you flow in the prophetic, find out here!


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

4 Responses to Is Today’s Church Structure Wrong

  1. I think that some churches get into a moral dilemma when they start running their church more like a business rather than charity that lives to help others. Some churches want to herd more and more people into their church so they can increase their funding and grow their budget, but the more they grow the less the end up helping the people that really need their help. Churches were meant to help their own community, members, and as many other people as possible, but today we are lost in the world of flashing lights, shows, parking lots, hi-tech electronics, and other fancy equipment that does not really help anyone. I want my money to be used mostly to help others, not to fund a growing non-profit organization. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Kevin Riner says:

    you so nailed it Jeremy. Nailed the idea

  3. simon sullivan says:

    The church is about helping people have the knowledge of the glory of God, i left a church after 20 yrs. the church was just stuck in a cycle of trying to help each other. This created a culture of co depedancy. Evangelism was non existant because there was a mentality of “survival”. Alot of Christians are growing into this culture nowadays and they are very self centred and opinionated without realising it! The church i now attend is quite a big church, there are lots of gifted people doing good stuff in the church and there is growth, growth is a good indicator if your fellowship is healthy. People need to be exposed to God and his ways and then they will become fruitful and productive!

    • Kevin Riner says:

      Simon I appreciate your comment. It’s been a while since I wrote this. I still somewhat agree with my own thoughts but thankfully I’ve learned a lot too. Anyway, you are correct. I agree we need to start exposing church to those outside the church and try harder to show the love of Christ and the glory of God to all peoples instead of protecting ourselves in the safety of our own church buildings.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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