Saturday In The Park (Chicago pt 2)

Saturday I woke up and hit the local Starbucks which was no problem to find one because if you’re in one ordering you can just about look down the street and see another one. I proudly displayed my Caramel Macchiatto and Blueberry scone as I passed by the local Duncan Donuts. I had my iTunes blasting some Norah Jones. If you’ve ever been to Chicago you would understand that this is the look. Your not cool unless you are listening to your tunes blocking out any chance to hear the surrounding world around you.

So I made my way over to my friends’ hotel where we met up and headed to Garret’s Gourmet Popcorn. I’m not a big fan of popcorn. As a matter of fact, it’s a well-known fact that when popcorn is being popped, I normally leave the house. I just don’t like the smell of it. Yes, by the way I do go to movies and eat their popcorn. I’m just weird like that for some reason.

Wrigley Field

So after chowing down some popcorn we made our way to the mecca of the Cubs, Wrigley Field. For the next 4 hours, I was hounded for being a Cardinals fan because, yes, I did grow a pair and wore my Cardinal gear into Wrigley Field. One guy who told me I needed to go burn my f*****n hat I thought was gonna get a little physical, so I made sure that I never left my friends’ sides. I wasn’t gonna take my last breath in Cub territory. I love baseball and I wouldn’t care if I had to go to Yankee Stadium of Fenway Park, I’d go. I wouldn’t dare pass up a chance to see MLB in action.

While we were there, like all sporsts venues, they tried to get the wave going. If you’ve never been to a Cubs game, let me tell you these fans are unique, in a good way. They finally after a while of trying got the wave going and it went around the whole stadium near five times. It was really cool to see it. I don’t think the ball players could concentrate on the game with what was going on in the stands.

A few of my friends had to leave early so we bid them adieu in the 8th inning after we all got sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame with Vince Vaughn. CUBS WIN!!!!!!! Darn 😉

Jonathan and I strolled out of the park in which I ran into some other undercover Cardinal fans so we had to chit chat for a moment after warm welcomes in strange lands. After our brief pep rally for the birds on the bat we left out to find Gino’s East, a very well know pizza joint in town. After we finished eating a supreme deep dish in which I must say was fantastico,we decided to go over to the Hershey store. On the way over to the sore we ran into Vince Vaughn just casually walking down the sidewalk, so I tried to snap a pic. “Hey Vince,” I said. “Wassup guys?” he responded.

Vince Vaughn

I was looking for the right thing to pick up for my wife as a souvenir and so we stopped in at the Hershey store and picked up a mug. I thought it would be a great mug to drink her hot tea in. Plus it came with candy. So what girl doesn’t like being given chocolate?

We then headed south for the Magnificent Mile.

Here, we strolled through some shoppes checking out the merchandise and went into the Apple store where I just knew that walking in I would hear the angels singing in choral fashion sweet hallelujahs. Nothing! Apple… is not all it’s cracked up to be. Just saying. However, I do like their products, but it’s not something, I have to gear my life around.

So after leaving the Apple store, we pretty much went our own ways for the rest of the night. We were both pretty tired from the previous day of walking all of Chicago so we went back to our hotels and just rested.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to Saturday In The Park (Chicago pt 2)

  1. That is AWESOME! I watched that game on TV when Vince sang the seventh inning stretch. That is where I’m goin next, Wrigley Field. That is the only other stadium i want to visit besides Fenway. I’m glad you didn’t run out on the field, ha-ha. I wonder if they use tazers in Chicago???

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