Sickness Paralyzes

It’s funny how sickness can paralyze. Actually, speaking of sickness, it’s funny how healthy you can be. Then once you reach a certain age sickness becomes you new best friend.

I’ve never had sinus problems till I turned thirty. Now it’s crazy how paralyzing it can be.Allergies  You take meds that ultimately pad the pockets of the manufacturers cause the meds do nothing but you continue to buy them in hopes they will.

Allergies and sinuses are my thorn in the side at the moment. Because you can’t breathe you can’t sleep and since you can’t sleep you have no energy to work so the work day drags because no energy.

Sinus drainage turns into bronchitis and sinus infection rendering a person feeling useless.

I don’t feel good therefore I don’t want to write. Which equals no blogging and no book getting written.

I don’t feel good therefore I don’t want to read which equals no bible reading which equals no inspiration for living or writing new songs.

I don’t feel good therefore I don’t want to play music which equals no cd getting finished or no music being written.

I don’t feel good therefore I render myself useless from lack of motivation.

I hate being sick.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

4 Responses to Sickness Paralyzes

  1. vickie riner says:

    wait till u get to be my age.and then tell me about ur muscles hurting,knees,and ankles,and elbows with arthritis. p.s. please get a brighter background.

  2. Kevin Riner says:

    Why do I have to wait. Can’t I tell ya about it now?

  3. aunt ann says:

    Well you ain”t seen nothing yet wait untikl the baby arrives, hee hee.

    Now let me tell you what I do for my allergies . I take Allertonic, I get it from the health food store. In the winter I take Olive Leaf for the cold season. When I have an allergy attack I take 2 of the Allertonic every 2 hrs. until I feel some relief. I think it really works, but it may not for you. You could give it a try.

    Won’t be too much longer before the baby arrives. Last time I emailed you on this comment sight, you never answered my questions. Where did the names come from you picked for the baby?

    Gotta go Ashton is needing my help.

    Love Aunt Ann

  4. Kevin Riner says:

    Levi comes from one of the twelve sons of Jacob, and Graham just happened. When I texted Carrie the name to see if she liked it, the phone at work rang and the name on the caller id was Graham, so we kept it.

    Levi Graham Riner

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