Learning To Smoke A Pipe part II

I’ve been smoking a pipe for near a year now. I have acquired five pipes now. My father in law made me a pipe stand for Christmas and it is really cool.  But most importantly I have found the perfect tobacco for my liking. It took me a while going through many different types of tobaccos but I finally found what I was looking for.

So the reason for this posting is simple. One of the post with the most traffic on this blog is my first one, Learning How To Smoke A Pipe. But on that blog I don’t really say how to smoke a pipe. It was more of a blog about me going to learn to do it. This one I am going to give my one year experience on how to do just that, pack a pipe, light it, and enjoy a relaxing moment.

First grab your pipe and your backy. Next depending on the depth of your bowl, grab a pinch of backy and drop it in your bowl. Now I heard from one guy this is how you pack. The first should be packed like a child was pushing it in, very lightly. Second like the mom was pushing it in, slightly more pressure. The third pinch should be packed in tightly like your dad was pushing it in. That way it get’s breathing room in the bottom.

Note- If it’s a new pipe, don’t pack it full the first few burns. You want to get a good carbon base on your pipe so it doesn’t burn your pipe. So just put in a pinch of backy the first few burns to get that light film on the bowl.

Now take your lighter and light the top of the backy to get a good burn. Let it go out, then light it again. This time after you got the top burned you can draw in some air to get the fire down in there and light the bowl.

If you start to wonder why it keeps going out, you want to draw in and blow out through the bowl to keep air moving through the bowl so the fire will stay lit. It’ll take a little while to get the hang of it but you’ll get it. Careful you don’t smoke it so fast that the bowl gets so hot you can’t hold it. That will happen.

Tips I’ve learned.

#1 Don’t smoke your bowl fast. It’ll heat up the bowl so you can’t hold it plus depending on the backy you will get tongue bite. Smoking ain’t fun if you get tongue bite.

#2 Don’t smoke a pipe in the car with the windows down or outdoors on a windy day. That backy will come right out and burn your arms. It hurts.

#3 DO NOT smoke around a pregnant wife. C’mon. A little respect around the baby please.

#4 If you need to keep re-lighting, try dumping our the already burned ash. You may not be getting fire to the backy in the bottom of the bowl.

#5 It’s not a bad idea to clean your bowl after every use. Some don’t but I like to.


*I left 6 open for your advice to me. I’m definitely not a know it all when it comes to this subject.

pipesmagazine.com– These guys helped me the most. Believe me I had some really stupid questions.

pipesmokingguide.com– step by step guide for those who need it

notsoboringlife.com-216 comments at the time of publishing this blog. You might find your question answered there.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to Learning To Smoke A Pipe part II

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stumbled across this. Are you still using your Country Gentleman cob? I’m in the military and started using cobs because of cost effectiveness — no great cost to carry several cobs when deployed and no big deal if they get broken. But I’ve found the Country Gentleman is my favorite pipe. I’ve got a pointed apple 1/2 bend churchwarden I like also. I’m considering getting one of George Walker’s ‘Forever’ churchwarden stems for one of my country gentlemen.

    So what blend are you smoking as your primary?

  2. Kevin Riner says:

    Yes, I still use my cob. As a matter of fact I smoked it last night. I’ve been told by the “professionals’ and I’m beginning to agree on some the positives of smoking a cob as opposed to briars.
    a. It doesn’t hold flavors so it’s good for trying different blends
    b. inexpensive
    c. transportable with little care
    d. lightweight

    I have acquired 11 pipes now and my cob is still in the top three to smoke from. I get made fun of because it’s not a briar but that’s mostly from those who don’t smoke pipes. I also have a churchwarden and love smoking it as wel. Got it for Christmas two years ago.

    As far as blends go, I like aromatics. I’ve found blends locally that I like as well as on the internet but the base for these are black cavendish and then a blend of cherry mix. “Legacy” by far is the most amazing tobacco ‘ve smoked. You can find it here at this site.


    One last note, thank you for your service. You didn’t say what branch you’re in but I pastor a church in Clarksville Tn and pastor many Army soldiers at Ft. Campbell. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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