8.15.10 Worship Rewind

Today we had an interesting set.

  • Revolutionary Love-David Crowder Band
  • Revolution-The Beatles
  • From The Inside Out-Hillsong United
  • Lead Me To The Cross-Hillsong United
  • I Surrender All-Brian Littrell

Our drummer used to play in a Beatles tribute band so when he found out we were doing Revolution, he got excited and I got nervous. Finally the tables were turned and I was playing a song to stand up to his expectations. I didn’t.

He brought in a camcorder to record the sermon and decided to record the worship as well. Needless to say I bombed the first two songs. There’s a break in Revolutionary Love that I have drilled into the band not to forget and wouldn’t you know that I forgot to hit that break. That rattled me a little and so when we went into Revolution, I couldn’t hold it together and totally blew the lyrics in the second verse.

The rest of the worship set went great. Heather our keyboard player is just knocking it out of the park laying down some pads creating atmosphere. From the Inside Out and Lead Me To The Cross are two songs that are great to sing just to say to God take me, humble me, and use me.

I Surrender All is probably one of the hardest song ever written to sing. Not that the notes are all over the place. It’s what were singing. Who can surrender all? It’s almost like your singing a lie. But I like to sing it cause it’s a great reminder on how to be as we live in our everyday lives at work or school, surrendering all. Not just at church.

We used the Brian Littrell version of I Surrender All this Sunday which is one of my favorite versions. It has a bridge that goes

And I give to You, all I ever had
And everything I was, and everything I am
And now I’m laying it down, laying at Your feet
To Your grace, to Your bow
I surrender all

We had a great time of musical worship. One thing I love is when God makes the music and the sermon coincide. So even though the mess ups happened, it’s like I always say, “Worship is a heart condition, not how well you can play a piece of wood and some metal strings.


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3 Responses to 8.15.10 Worship Rewind

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  2. aunt ann says:

    Morning , I found the scriptures you and I discussed awhile back. I have been subbing and don’t go in until this afternoon, so I thought I would give them to you. On the other email I did not know caps meant what you said. Learn something new everyday. Hope all is going well with little Levi. Here is what I have come up with. Happy reading. These are the scriptures about the old law and the new law. Better hope Heb. 7:19-20,better covenant Heb. 7:22. Not under law Cols. 2:14 nailed to the cross and 15-17. Freed from law Gals. 3:13-14 Temporary Gals. 3:19. Dead to the law Rom.7:1-16, v 4 died to law, v 6 serve new way of Spirit, not in the old way of written code. Free from law. Rom. 8:1-2. Made the old obsolete. Heb. 8:13 Heb.10: 1-18 Christ sacrifice.Made the two one. Eph.2:14-16. I will hear from you later. Love Aunt Ann

  3. Kevin Riner says:

    The issue here is that music was never law. It wasn’t a mosaic law nor was it a new testament law. Music has always been a recommendation started by David.

    Also don’t get covenant confused with law. Jesus didn’t come to abolish “law” but to fulfill it. He did away with the old covenant and established a new one. Two separate issues here.

    So to say that music was done away with along with the old covenant is wrong. It can’t be done away with if it had never been law or part of the old covenant in the first place.

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