Building Fund of Faith part I

There comes a time in the life of most churches when they have to build. God moves and people come and services start going to two or three or even four times a day and maybe once on Saturday night. The people come together and recognize they have a good problem but still a problem. So they decide on building a bigger sanctuary and determine they need to raise money for it. This is where the infamous building fund as it’s known in most christian circles come in.

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of a few building funds. I say privilege because it is a good problem to have more people than room in the church. The hard part is bringing in the financial board and sitting down in a room with hot coffee and not leaving till you have decided on what kind of building you’re going to build, how much money you’re going to spend, where your going to get the loan, where the labor is gonna come from, who can and will help and a projected start date to make the ground breaking.

However I think there is one factor that seems to be left out when considering all aspects involved in building a new sanctuary. His name is Yahweh! In Exodus 33:15 Moses asked God not to allow them to enter Canaan if His presence didn’t go with them. God was not going to go with them because they had been disobedient with Him and they had become abhorrent to Him so much that He was afraid He would destroy them on their way to Canaan. Moses pleaded with Him and he changed His mind because Moses knew that the Israelites could not survive without God’s presence with them.

In the same sense why would we ever choose to do anything without the presence of God with us. Building a building is a huge step. People could leave the church bringing tithes down. The church could go belly up and lose their financing. False believers could get into the house of God and rip it to shreds like wolves in a hen’s den. Vanity, and selfishness, deceitfulness, and backbiting, gossip spreading and rumoring could tear a church down in the midst of transition. Without God’s presence we could never prosper in the kingdom of God.

Our church is beginning to consider the very idea of relocating that would take more than money. It’s going to take faith. I plan on blogging about how we need to create a Building Fund of Faith. Faith in God to meet us financially. Faith in God to keep us together as we decide on the color of the carpet and the design of the door handles. Faith in God to bring the people to work for the Kingdom of God. Faith in God that He would take Xtreme to new heights and win more battles for His glory and renown.

I ask that you join us in prayer that we would stay faithful to Him as He builds faith in us. Here’s to a new season!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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