10.10.10 Worship Rewind

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Psalm 96– We started the service off with the reading of this psalm. I pointed out all the action terms in this song that describes worship.

Holy Is The Lord– This song is becoming a classic in the church ain’t it? Lol.  This song has some great action words when it comes to worshiping God. So this song went well with starting off the service with Psalm 96.

Hosanna– I’ve never played this song with the electric guitar. But since we added a piano player this Sunday I was able to play a little on the guitar so I added some delay to it and hit the chords in thirds as the delay played off of it. It was a great change to a great song that just freshened it up a little.

Give Us Clean Hands-This is such a goooooooood song. Charlie Hall knocked it outta the park when he wrote this song. Some folks don’t really care about the whole repetition thing when singing a song but I’m a firm believer in repetition. I think God is too. Maybe that’s why the angels stand around the throne singing Holy Holy Holy is the Lord Almighty non-stop.  When I get to singing this song I just like to sit there and sing a little, think about God a little, sing some more, and think about God some more. I could really drive people crazy with this song if I worshiped in public the way I do in private.

2 Chronicles 20:17-24 I spoke on the importance of being a worshiper first before we can be a missionary for Jesus. Being a worshiper has major importance due to the scripture saying that the worshipers were sent before the Army and the three nations turned on each other and nobody survived. THAT’S HOW WE FIGHT! Through our worship.

Mighty Warrior– This song literally has no structure. It has three lines and this song can turn into a ten minute song. At least Rick Pino turns into a ten minute song. But I can see why. Just sing it and let the Holy Spirit lead and once again just meditate on what the Lord is saying and this song can become an amazing time of worship if you let it.

Missions’s Flame– This was the first time we played this song at Xtreme. The band totally rocked it for the first time and the church really liked it. It has a great point and a great jam.


I’m rather tired of concerts at church. I’m rather tired of worship leaders and church members saying worship leaders should shut-up and play the music. I’m a worship pastor. Far more than being a worship leader. I pastor my church through song and word and deed. My church just doesn’t get me singing. They get a pastor who uses music and the Word to impress, inspire, instruct, influence, and illumine them. I’m more than a singer. I’m a pastor!

Pastor Carlo continued the series Supernatural by talking about supernatural mission. The songs supported the fact that we are on a mission. Not a mission to keep folks off our pew. Not a mission to convince the worship leader to play our favorites. Not a mission to have say so in the church because we are the biggest tithers. Were on a mission to tell people about Jesus and His grace and mercy and how He loves us and wants no one to die and go to hell but wants us all to know Him as our savior.

I also want to give a shout out to Shauna Thompson. She started playing piano with us and is a fine addition to the team. Xtreme I would ask that you welcome her and encourage her.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to 10.10.10 Worship Rewind

  1. bkwestman says:

    Go Kevin! Nice use of the five goals as well! Sounds like a great set!

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