10.17.10 Worship Rewind

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Mission’s Flame– We’re still in our Supernatural series and this week we talked about Supernatural people. Our church is big on getting the church to be the church outside the doors, not just inside. So we brought this one back for one more week just to re-emphasize¬† the fact that we need to be a church about missions even in our own backyard. This was a new song for us last week so also we brought it back to learn it more. I took the bridge out of it because it’s very difficult for the church to sing that part so in place of the bridge I sang the second verse. It seemed to work.

All We Need-Once again continuing the idea we are a supernatural people I wanted to convey the idea that Christ is all we need. He is the one that works through us for His glory and renown. It’s a great song and our church really likes this song.

From The Inside Out– I had first decided to go with This Is My Desire but as the week progressed I felt like that was wrong song to go with. Through prayer and looking through the song list I decided to go with From The Inside Out. I felt this best conveyed the message that Romans 12:1-2, our foundation scriptures for the message, was speaking of.

Before we sang the next song, I really was seeking God on what to do, what to say, if I should say anything. I wanted to approach the next song with God’s help in bringing the church to a point where God could speak. I knew He wanted to speak so at this moment I got quiet before the Lord and sought His heart.

I felt the Lord speaking to us that we needed to pray the hard prayer. The prayer that we want to pray but are scared to pray. You know the one that asks God to do something but you fear deep down inside how He’d do it. The next song was Refiner’s Fire and I felt God telling us as a church we needed to be honest and sincere when we sing a song asking Him to bring a renewal, refining the heart so the impurities can be brought to the surface and taken out.

Refiner’s Fire– I led the church in prayer and asked the band to sit out. We had practiced this one with the band but I felt I wanted to get just a little more intimate and so I led them with the guitar alone. I had folks come to me after church that said they could just feel the refreshing of the Lord all over them and thanked us, the band, for leading them in such a heartfelt moment. That was pretty cool to know that the church was connecting with God.

Let Me Sing– We brought it back up with this song ending it on the note that we are broken before God but through His grace and mercy we are healed and we sing for His fame and glory. Great song by Todd Fields and the Northpoint crew.

Only Natural– This song wasn’t part of the worship set. We threw this in during the offering to get people’s hearts ready to hear the sermon about Supernatural People. This is a great song by Steven Curtis Chapman off the Signs of Life cd.

I’m not a big fan of tweeting in service. Some folks do it but sometimes a tweet can be construed without the context to back up the meaning. So I try to stay away from that issue. Pastor Carlo done a great job with bringing God’s word and I wanted to tweet that I love my pastor for keeping it real. He’s so anointed by God to be able to be real and get on a level that people can understand his heart. And mixed in a little comedy relief, I look so forward to his messages every week. He’s so good that he can cut you with scripture and you don’t realize it till afterward.

I’d encourage you to check out his blogs at Just Carlo or if you tweet you can catch him here.


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