Expand Conference session 2

It took a couple of songs to get into worship because I was distracted by Kenny G two rows in front of me and Rivers Cuomo leading worship. I’m over it now.

Hey worship leaders, I can see the words on the screen. I don’t need you to tell me what’s next when I’m looking right at it.

They finished with the song Revelation Song and God floored me. No seriously. I couldn’t stand anymore. I sat and wept in my seat at the flood of emotion that came over me as the church sang. I became so overwhelmed by His spirit I could hardly contain myself from balling on the floor.

Chris Hodges

Joke: Boudreaux wanted to help with the BP spill so he went to the local animal clinic. They told him to go in the back and clean the pelicans. He came back after a few minutes and said,

“They all clean, you want me to cook some rice. ” (It was funny, you had to been there)

Principles that produce momentum.

Numbers 3:17-These were the names of the sons of Levi: Gershon, Kohath and Merari.

The tabernacle was portable because moved without notice.

The had a plan  because God moves without notice and they had to be ready to go. There were three responsibilities.

Verse 36– given the responsibility to tear down the posts

Verse 25–  take down the tent

Verse 31-get the furniture

These are a foreshadow to spiritual plan in church

1. Structural momentum-Merarites

We need structure not chaos in our meetings. God cannot bless disorder.

  • A. Clear vision and values – what does it look like when we win? It needs to be measurable.
  • B. Scriptural church government

We need freedom and accountability at the same time.

  • C. We need solid financial principals a budget should be 90% of the previous years income.

Tithing is a principle of firsts. God wants our first.

We need to be tight and generous at the same time.

Tent on the ground tent on the ground looking like a fool with your tent on the ground.

2. Systematic momentum. Gershon.

  • A. Weekend services
  • B. Small groups
  • C. Growth tracks
  • D. Dream team- people doing ministry

A lot of churches begin the great commission but how many are finishing the great commission.

3. Spiritual momentum- Kohathites

You need furniture in the house. What’s gonna give us spiritual momentum?

  • A. Focus on the word of God

We need to tech our church to be self feeders. (How do you teach those who don’t like to read?)

  • B. Focus on worship

We need to be presence driven not focus driven. No one will worship if the leaders are not worshiping. Ask yourself would you want the church to be doing what you’re doing in worship.

  • C. Focus on prayer



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