What I Love About Christmas



1. Brian Setzer and Bing Crosby Christmas CDs
2. The color scheme of red and green
3. Jesus’ B’day
4. Saying Merry Christmas to tick off the pc crowd
5. Being jolly I ticked the pc crowd off
6. Presents (I admit it)
7. Christmas cookies
8. A real tree with child made decorations
9. Elvis singing Blue Christmas then listening to Porky Pig sing it
10. Oboes
11. The Grinch
12. Stop motion clay animation
13. The idea of riding in a sleigh singing Jingle Bells
14. Egg Nog and cocoa
15. Seeing live nativity scenes
16. The possibility of people being nice to one another cause it’s just the right thing to do
17. Giving presents more than getting (honest)
18. Spending time with family
19. Watching a family member screw up the family get together
20. Watching Christmas movies cuddled with the family
21. Time off work with a bonus check
22. Christmas family traditions just for traditions sake
23. A Charlie Brown Christmas
24. The idea of maybe getting a white Christmas in Tennessee
25. Amy Grant singing A Tender Tennessee Christmas
26. Making fun of my friends for freezing their cahoneys off Black Friday shopping
27. Remembering past Christmases and telling stories
28. Not being able to go to sleep knowing Santa Clause was coming
29. Looking up and seeing a non-flashing red light in the sky thinking it’s Rudolph
30. Watching Mr. Bean’s Christmas
31. Putting on three layers to play in the snow and using socks for gloves
32. Homemade fudge and no it’s not figgy and you can’t have any
33. Seeing if the mall Santa Clause has a real beard or not
34. Giving my mom a hard time because I never got my picture with said mall Santa Clause
35. Wishing I lived in a Thomas Kinkade Christmas painting
36. Competing with my cousins to see who could name all of Santa’s reindeer which led to trying to name all of Snow White’s dwarfs
37. Watching Elf
38. Quoting Elf
39. Candy canes
40. Candy cane sticks so big you had to bust it up with a hammer
41. Eating walnuts with Paw-paw
42. Paw-paw smoking his pipe
43. Eating too fast then rushing the family to eat so we can open presents
44. Playing Santa Clause handing out said presents
45. Looking at pictures from past Christmases and watching family grow up and wondering where my toys went
46. Sears catalogs (the toy section obviously)
47. snow angels
48. Snow ball fights
49. Sockem boppers
50. You will never see cantata on this list!!!!!!

These are the things I love and miss about Christmas. Can you add to the list?


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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