10.12.26 Worship Rewind

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We had a weather front come through that dumped a lot of snow on us for the Christmas weekend. What a beautiful blessing it was to have a white Christmas for once. My son turned 5 months old the day after so we had a very blessed weekend. I was rather concerned that we weren’t gonna have service. Today wrapped up our Beatles Christmas series and I was very excited to play Get Back. Such a fun song to play.

We, however, DID have services and I believe everyone who made it was very blessed and was a blessing to each other. Ted done an amazing job on bringing the message about getting back to our calling and place in Christ so we can be beneficial to the body.

When I Think About The Lord – I love to hear everybody shout when we sing this song. It’s so cool.

“It makes me wanna shout – WHOOOO!”

This is such a fun song to sing and Xtreme really gets into it. It’s a song that talks about our redemption in Christ and how exciting it is to have a God who loves us so much to give up His son so that we might live!

Fortress 144 – I have an anger problem sometimes and so much that’s been going on in my life can get me to the point I’m short with people and have a quick temper. Such are the times are these. So I’ve been really praying to God to give me a new outlook on people in their own life and let me see that maybe there is something I’m not understanding. I say all that to say that this song was a prayer of mine so that when I feel short-tempered I know Satan is trying to foul me up, so I pray that God would train my hands for war so I can fight the urge to be negative towards others.

Father Will You Come – I love singing this song cause it amps me up. To know there is someone who is the light in my darkness, who is the joy in the midst of my grief, who is the peace that calms my rough waters makes me excited. Father will you come… consume us with your majesty!

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – This song wraps it up. The whole time we sang about God’s everlasting redemption. So when we “Get Back” we can know just like the prodigal’s father, we will be accepted back and the fatted calf will be given for us, a ring put on our finger, and our position as son will be upheld.

Get Back – Our pastor, who’s killer at playing drums, took the day off and jammed with the band on drums for the final Beatles song, Get Back. Over all I’d have to say other than the hiccup I had the first week with the song Help!, the Beatles Christmas went off without a hitch. The band done an amazing job learning all the material. My hat’s off to you guys for working so hard and playing along.

I pray 2011 will be an even bigger time for our worship team. May the Lord prosper our group, send more musicians and singers, increase the talent that is already there, but most of all, help us to grow in our personal worship to our creator and sustainer, Lord Jesus Christ, by through and for all things were made!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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