1.9.11 Worship Rewind

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Not To Us – One of my favorite songs to sing. I’ve been leading with this song for a while and it doesn’t get old. Psalm 115 is a verse that epitomizes worship. As we talk about the game plan for a new year, it’s good to set up the new year saying Not to us, oh Lord, Not to us but to your name!

Let Me Sing – Originally I had a piece from Relevant Magazine I wanted to read before starting this song. It was a quote by Shane Claiborne but I felt it dabbed maybe just a hair too much into politics and I really didn’t want to lead anybody in the wrong direction. I felt I would have had to explain too much what the quote was saying, but in a nut shell he was talking about liturgy worship and that how singing and praying “together” is something the church needs to focus on more if we want to create a counterculture to what we know as culture today.

Beautiful One – Also a great song and my favorite is Jeremy Camp’s version.

How Great Thou Art – The band took a worship break for this song, a selah if you will. Shauna has led worship in the past and she’s such a great addition to the worship team, I want to begin allowing her to serve a little more in the leading capacity. So she took this one head on and played a very nice mixture of contemporary style with traditional style. I added a little back up harmonies and I heard good things about this song.

That’s Why We Praise Him – It took me a while to get into Tommy Walker, but he’s thought of as the James Taylor of christian music with his smooth vocals. When I first heard this song, I wasn’t impressed, but I truly am in love with the lyrics now. If you ever get a chance, check this song out. Tommy lists quite a few reasons in the verses why we praise Him.

Today I was battling a sinus infection. I facebooked that today I would be making a joyful “noise” to God. I know that he is pleased with our worship regardless of how we sound.

Today also was the second service in our new building and might I say again how nice it is to have our own space now. We don’t have to share with another business or church. It’s nice not to have to tear down chairs or move musical equipment. Pastor Carlo played a slide-show today during the offering documenting the build-out and the move. I must say when it came to the pictures of the first service, I was stirred in me heart and began to cry. God has been so good to Xtreme and greater things have yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city. To God be the glory!

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