1.16.11 Worship Rewind

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Everything That Has Breath – Matt Redman

Victory In Jesus – Xtreme Worship Band

One of the hardest things is to lead worship when you or one of your church members is going through a life tragedy. Two members of our worship team had tragedy hit their family over the weekend. One thing tragedy can do is bring your heart closer to God and worship becomes even more authentic and real. Looking out it seemed many people had their own life difficulties to work through but it seemed worship hasn’t been so real and authentic in quite some time. I’m thankful for the valley. It makes the mountaintop seem all more worth it.

Everything That Has Breath – Two lines that touched home this morning says, “Praise you when I’m laughing, praise you when I’m grieving. Praise you in every season of the soul.”

Victory In Jesus – I’ve been wanting to bring this song in for a while. I jazz it up a little with a groove. We don’t do it traditionally. I’m not sure if any one caught it or not but I totally didn’t sing the first verse. I start with the chorus by myself then the band joins me on the first verse. But the way it’s written on my chord charts I led myself to the second verse and skipped the first one throwing the lyric guy for a loop. Whoops!

Rescue – One of my favorite songs, I hesitated for a real long time to bring this song in. I was kinda scared to see how folks would react to the song. Extreme seems to really like the song. Looks like we’ll be putting this one into the constant mix. If. Your from Xtreme, let me know what ya thought of this song.

After this song I really felt we couldn’t move from this song. I felt like God had some work to do so I invited the church to pray and ask God to reveal in them where they needed to have God rescue them. Maybe they weren’t giving God praise for something so I asked them to offer praise where maybe they weren’t giving him the praise He was due. I just really didn’t feel like we could go on until some folks dealt with some things.

You Never Let Go – If one thing could be said today that would bring peace to the lives of folks with troubles today, Matt said it in the first lines of this song. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Your perfect love is casting out fear.”

I believe not only can our worship songs offer praise to our God, but they can also remind us and be healing to us as we sing about His goodness. Sometimes if not always, the very fact of obedience to God brings goodness to ourselves. When we worship God outside of the aspect of singing, we can receive healing or blessing.

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2 Responses to 1.16.11 Worship Rewind

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  2. pastorcarlo says:

    Rescue is a great song! Let’s keep singing it!

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