3.6.11 Worship Rewind

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That’s Why We Praise Him – We tried a few different things musically. I think it gave great dynamics to the song having Thomas ride the high hats during the opening intro. Cassandra played a neat little bass riff which was new for her. I love to see my team grow in their gifts. I love this song by Tommy Walker. It’s been said he’s the James Taylor of Christian music. Great song. I highly suggest your church check it out if you’re not doing it.

Hosanna – Once again doing some different stuff here. Normally this is the place we do announcements but I decided to go two songs this morning. Thomas rolled on the cymbals then started right into a high hat tempo. I played  a G5 chord on the upper register and added a little delay to it for color. We played this song last Sunday but I felt like the Lord led us to doing it again. So we did. I threw this song on the team last thing this morning at rehearsal. They’re always up for a challenge. They did a great job.

Grace Like Rain – We always get compliments for this song. People seem to like it at Xtreme. We rocked it out and I really felt the grace of God just wash all over me as we sang it so I let my praise go. As a musician that’s how we worship. We use our instruments and our voices. I didn’t want to quit singing that chorus. Sometimes I get carried away in my personal worship and I’ll sing a song for ten minutes but I realize when your leading a crowd you can’t necessarily do that if they’re not right there with ya.

I Stand Amazed – Just coming out of a song singing about God’s grace and his sacrifice on the cross led us into a song that’s a beautiful hymn called I Stand Amazed. They hymn version is a little more up tempo so Chris toned it down and made it a ballad. Much better that way. Another one that I could sing forever.

I Surrender All – This song is always so convicting but it shouldn’t be. Songs that say what we’re gonna do should not be convicting to the point it gets you down and not wanna sing it because you know deep down inside your not gonna do it. It should be uplifting because it should be a motivator. Songs like this should motivate us to work harder in our faith to be like Christ. That’s why I’m not scared to sing a song that I know I can’t do perfectly.

We had an amazing time of at worship this morning. I felt the Lord’s presence and noticed that others were touched as well. We gave to Christ our all and He gave to us His presence. I’m still learning myself that when we come to church, it’s a give and take. We come to give Him our adoration, praise, and glory. He comes to give us His presence and a renewed spirit, and remind us of His mercy and grace and that He is rich with it.

Built relationships with some friends and Pastor Carlo really brought it. Go to Xtreme’s website and listen or catch it on iTunes. Walk away untouched, I dare ya. It looks like we can get started working on the sound booth now which really excites me. And Like Pastor said, we had a lot of folks out but so many new folks that if everyone shows up one day, were going to bust the doors out.

Good stuff.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to 3.6.11 Worship Rewind

  1. bkwestman says:

    Great job, Kevin! It was worth the wait! 🙂

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