3.13.11 Worship Rewind

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Not to Us – Great song to start off with to get everybody in the right frame of mind for worship. I enjoyed playing some interesting chops on the guitar that I played with at rehearsal. Everybody was so sporadic around the church just talking and after hitting the opening I saw everybody come together in singing. It was cool to see everybody in one frame of mind worshiping.

For Your Glory – I think the song is really starting to take off. We introduced this song a few weeks back and I saw people really digging singing it today. There’s nothing better than singing scripture. I can’t help singing this song myself when I’m at work or a lot of times I wake up singing it. I’m still having trouble hitting one of the chords. I really need to buckle down and figure out that finger puzzle. Lol

New Doxology – Such a great take on an old song. I saw that a lot of churches were singing this today. It’s good to know that even churches across America are singing the same song. A small glimpse in to Heavenly worship. Cool stuff.

We added a video to worship this morning just break things up and add a little flavor to the music portion of worship. This is the video we played based on Isaiah 43:1-3.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness – Wednesday at rehearsal the band played this song. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately this morning during rehearsal we couldn’t feel it. Something just wasn’t clicking and I’m not really sure what it was but we decided to go drumless on this song and just have guitar, keys, and bass. It’s still sounded great and I was very blessed to see so many hands in the air as the church praised our God. May be an oldie but it still helps us put into perspective the faithfulness of God.

How Great Is Our God – I think this song is in the beginning stages of being called an oldie but goodie, lol. I still love this song. However, I think I may have carried this song a little long. I think I lost some folks after the first time we sang without music. Happens every once in a while where you’ll lose the leading of The Holy Spirit or misread what He wanted to do. Even through my folly, God is still great and faithful.

Offering – I truly love this song. It’s kind of a play on words where Paul talks about our offering being worship. I put this song during the offering with no words on the screen because I wanted to convey the message that giving is an act of worship. I can’t beat the dead horse enough that worship is not just music and singing. I teared up because my wife knows this song and I saw her in the corner of my eye with her hands raised singing it while everyone else was just listening. I love my wife.

Today’s message didn’t leave anything lacking on our offering. It was a message in Malachi 3 about our giving and God’s faithfulness to match our giving.

6 “I the LORD do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed. 7Ever since the time of your ancestors you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them.

Return to me, and I will return to you,” says the LORD Almighty.

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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

3 Responses to 3.13.11 Worship Rewind

  1. dennarr says:

    Love “Offering” – it’s been a favorite for a while. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Matt Owens says:

    “Offering” is one of those favorites of mine that for whatever reason I’ve never used on Sunday morning. Baloche writes so many great songs. I have to steer away from exclusively using his music.

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