3.27.11 Worship Rewind

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This week we wrapped up out series on Modern Warfare. What a great series it was. You can catch all the sermons the Xtreme website or subscribe on iTunes.

You Never Let Go – It was a little different starting the service off with a song that takes a minute or two to get rockin. It went good though. It always takes the church a moment to get into the mindset of worship.

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble – I know this is an older song and I’m sure a lot of churches has pretty much stopped using this song but I thought this song definitely fit with the mission theme. The only thing that would have made this song better is if I could sing with a British accent. Before we sang this song I read Isaiah 64: 1-10. It set up the song rather well. It’s been my prayer for a while that God would shake the foundations of our heart to worship Him not just in music but in many other ways.

God Of This City – Just continuing on with the missions theme. I’m not a big fan of this song. I think I’ve mentioned that before. But sometimes as a servant leader we have to use songs that we don’t care too much for to support the message.

Rescue – I LOVE this song. One of my favorite of all time. I have to boast in our keyboard player, Heather. She stepped out of her comfort zone and sang some backup for us today. I really hope this broke some chains and has encouraged her to want to possibly step out and sing some more. Baby steps for sure though.

Mission’s Flame – Self explanatory why this is in the set. One thing we do with this song is leave out the bridge. I think it’s a little cumbersome for corporate worship. It’s tough for people to sing so where the bridge is supposed to be, we added the second verse with the musical dynamics are brought down. Works well.

We had a special thing happen today. We had a family that was having their anniversary today. The husband wanted to renew their vows and surprised his wife by renewing them in front of the church. I cried. Yeah I’m sappy like that. It was so cool.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

4 Responses to 3.27.11 Worship Rewind

  1. bkwestman says:

    Good stuff, Kevin!

  2. Jeff Q says:

    Makes me feel old that Delirious is now old school!

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