5.15.11 Worship Rewind

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Occasionally Worship Leaders get burned out, overwhelmed, or just tired. I actually went to St. Louis last weekend on vacation but came back even more disinterested in leading worship. Wednesday night I relayed my feelings to the team and for a couple of hours I experienced some of the best time spent with my team even. Nothing special happened. I just really enjoyed their company despite my stodginess.

But it didn’t stop that night. I continued through the rest of the week with this dreary feeling. I’ve been reading my bible, praying diligently but still feeling like a bag of poo! I contemplated the song list wanting to change that, thinking this song or that song didn’t fit, wasn’t right for some reason. I never felt easy. We had a very challenging rehearsal which sure didn’t help matters.

During our time of worship, I felt the Lord there. He was with us regardless of such dampness in my soul. I worshiped. I glorified. I gave Him all He deserved. I didn’t hold back. Regardless of me, He is still worthy. He will always be worthy regardless of you or I.

Sing To The King – This song went well. I love singing this song and I even heard some shouting during the phrase Satan is vanquished and Jesus is King. Yes He is!

Power In The Blood –  Typically this song is the hymnal version. I just add a little distorted guitar and have fun with it. Before we sang this song I read Hebrews 9:22 which says “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.” I don’t necessarily say our church has a blended service because even though we do hymns we do them in a contemporary fashion.

Before The Throne Of God Above – As I was saying about hymns, again this one is updated. It’s sort of Shane and Shane’s version but we took the chorus out, added a key change in the third verse. I like that better. Key changes always say power. Good stuff.

Amazing Love – We just played the chorus tagged at the end of Before The Throne a couple of times. After that we built the music up and ran through the last half of the third verse of Before The Throne. This was the change that I made this morning before anyone got to church. I thought it made the song sound a little more whole and added a little more dimension to it.

Father Will You Come –  Always a great powerful song. The band just rocks it out and I love worshiping with this song. It says what my heart is always feeling during worship. After the song I put the piano player on the spot and asked her to pray for us at the end. She is an amazing prayer warrior. I love to hear her prayers. She also heads up the SCTNow ministry in our church. This ministry is a ministry to Stop Child Trafficking. You can learn more about SCTNnow here.

We had a great time of worship this morning. We had some visitors I didn’t meet and wanted to get a chance to meet but I was too busy. After church we had a leadership meeting which was really fun today. We just cut up and enjoyed the moment and didn’t force it to be done. I think someone got upset when it was made known that they were informed Friday night they were most likely the one needing a pacifier. ***SALSA***

Also if you’d like to know more about Heather our piano player, our pastor put together an almost as awesome as Heather is video. Here it is!


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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