Why I’m Quitting Twitter… Sorta

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You can call me a “qwitter”. That would be fine. I know some people say quitters will never win. That’s fine too. By looking at my run on Twitter I’d say I’m on the fast lane of never winning. But what does winning look like with Twitter? I think that’s been the question for Twitter since it’s inception. What is Twitter’s purpose? There are many purposes to Twitter. It really depends on the tweeter.

Allow me to explain what winning looks like to me. Twitter is considered one of the major social networking sites. I tried it a long time ago but didn’t see any purpose for me which is why one of my first tweets was this

Can anybody give me a good reason to the point of this silly website. I’m just not getting seeing the high coolness factor!!!!!!
                                                                                                                25 Nov 08

One of the many definitions for the word social is characterized by friendly companionship or relations.  This is what I expect a social networking site to be about. Winning for me on Twitter is companionship between those I follow and those who follow me. The main issue I have found to be with Twitter for me is the social factor is not there.

Here’s my list of how Twitter doesn’t fit the social description:

  • If  I ask a question trying to gain knowledge or help I rarely if ever get a response.
  • Typically most people won’t respond if I comment about their tweet
  • Most people will not thank me for a retweet of their tweet
  • Some who I follow and they follow me NEVER create dialogue with me. I am always initiating communication.

Other reasons for not being attracted to Twitter are:

  • There’s too much information floating around for me.
  • Because of this, I tend to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the so-called Jones’
  • I follow a lot of people who are in vocational ministry so I get jealous I can’t be doing that as well
  • It’s got to be a facade. People aren’t that happy all that time. It seems most folks who are in the ministry I follow don’t have bad days or at least won’t tweet about those.
  • Which means people tend to not be real
  • Twitter is a tool of narcissism hence why people “follow” you. I’ll tweet about my life, ministry, blog, or business and you follow me to keep up with me. While I live, I’ll let you know about what I’m doing. It’s all about me!
  •  People stop following you just because you stop following them. REALLY?

I can’t deny that I have fallen prey to trying to be an “expert” in the field of worship leading by pushing my thoughts on worship. But what I can say is I have always responded to anyone who responded to any of my tweets. People follow me. I find it very important to respond to those who think my tweets impacted a moment of their life.

I love information on things that are important to me but sometimes I can be overwhelmed by too much information. I also get jealous very easy to be doing what others around me are getting the opportunity to do. I can literally say that it’s not Twitter, it’s me.

I know you may have an answer for my dilemma. Everyone has an answer. I did say I was quitting Twitter, SORTA! Meaning I will still promote my blog and check in time to time. But twitter is going on the back burner. I don’t care if my coolness factor goes down. Quite honestly I don’t feel the coolness factor was ever up (see my reasons for quitting).

I see  positive points in Twitter but the negative points far outweigh the positive for me. I allowed Twitter to consume me. I constantly was on it. I’m just not fascinated by it anymore.

So call me a qwitter from Twitter.  SORTA!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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