Lincoln On Leadership – Chapter Thirteen

I’m currently reading the book Lincoln on Leadership. I wanted to share the chapter notes because they’re so good.

Chapter Thirteen – Master The Art of Public Speaking
  • Be your organization’s best stump-speaker, with droll ways and dry jokes
  • Extemporaneous speaking is your avenue to the public
  • Use a variety of body language when you speak
  • Prepare yourself thoroughly for your public speaking engagements.
  • Never consider anything you write to be finished until published or, if a speech until you deliver it
  • Remember that there will be times when you should simply not speak. Say to your listeners, “Kindly let me be silent.”
  • Try not to make mistakes when you speak publicly. Everything you say is intently heard. If you make a mistake it doesn’t merely affect you but the organization as well.
  • You should often couple written documents with verbal discussion, thereby catching the idea with two senses rather than just one. Both you and your subordinates will remember it better, even if you do not understand it better.

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