Lincoln On Leadership – Chapter Fourteen

I’m currently reading the book Lincoln on Leadership. I wanted to share the chapter notes because they’re so good.

Chapter Fourteen – Influence People Through Conversation and Storytelling
  • When you meet an individual, try not to part with any unpleasant impression on either side.
  • Speak in simple and familiar strains with people, without any pretension of superiority. Leave people with the feeling that they’ve known you all their lives.
  • Don’t forget that humor is a major component at your ability to persuade people
  • A good laugh is good for both the mental and physical digestion
  • Remember that people are more easily influenced through the medium of a broad and humorous illustration than in any other way.
  • You will often avoid a long and useless discussion by others or a laborious explanation on your own part by a short story that illustrates your point of view
  • The sharpness of a refusal or the edge of a rebuke may be blunted by an appropriate story, so as to save wounded feelings and yet serve the purpose
  • Loyalty is more often won through private conversation than in any other way.

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