Amish Influenced Social Life

Before you ask, no I’m not trying to become Amish. It’s statistically proven that becoming Amish has a track record of almost zero to less than five percent success rate. Most people can’t handle the hard work and giving up the finer things in life to live a much more simple plain life.

With that being said, the Amish tend to heavily influence my thinking. Especially since moving to what my wife and I consider the “big city” of Clarksville, Tn. 130,000 people is far more than the 300 populated town we came from. Taking on a worship leader position at church made me dive in head first to learn and read and become the best at my position in comparison to those who do it full-time. This has made me envious, jealous, and tired. I have become someone I’m not and in the midst of it lost focus on what I’m supposed to be doing. At least the purity of leading worship seems lost in the race to pull off  in our church what the bigger churches are doing in theirs.

Keeping up with the worship Jones’

I have worn myself ragged trying to keep up with the worship Jones’. What I love about reading and studying the Amish is the simplicity and purity of it all. They don’t have too many additives in their life to make them lose focus of their priorities.

So where does this fit in with my life?

I have allowed social networking to drive me bonkers; blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. I follow tons of folks in the worship leading area and am constantly barraged with “This is how we do it”, or “If you want this, do this”, or “Ten reasons why this works for us”. I read them. I study them. Then I let myself get depressed because I can’t do that, or that way or if I try them I don’t get the same results.

Calling on my Amish influences.

I debating throwing my Twitter account out the window for good. I haven’t even checked my feed in a week and I don’t miss it. It also upsets me because I have a different view of what Twitter should be than others. You can read my disgust with Twitter here. Google+? What’s that. I haven’t even checked it in a week and I have twenty people putting me in circles I have never even heard of. I don’t need more of twitter in another social network. I’m thinking I’m going to localize my social networking to Facebook cause that’s where all my friends are. But I’m cleaning that thing out too. I don’t need all those folks in my feed that I don’t talk to.

How does this help me.

It takes all the voices out of my head. It takes all those I compare my worship leading to out of my life. It takes all those jealousies away. It simplifies my life and my heart. It gives me more time to compare myself to the word and not other worship leaders. It takes all the questions away like, “What is Twitter for”. I’m hoping it brings my heart back to the purity of leading worship and not concerned with what other churches are doing, singing, and ultimately allows me to be open to the Holy Spirit leading our church in its own unique way.

Maybe you don’t understand me. What I’m saying is, “It’s not you, it’s me.” I’m easily made jealous. I’m easily offended if not felt part of the global worship leading circle. I’m tired of not being able to do what full-time worship leaders get to do. So, I’m simplifying. I’m going Amish, sorta! I’m making my life plain so I can hear the Holy Spirit more than the devil telling me I should do what this church is doing or what that church is singing.


Don’t think I’m crazy. I’m not on an Amish kick. I’ve been fascinated with them for years. Every time I read about them, it seems it’s a pivotal moment in my life. Kinda like the Holy Spirit telling me to tone it down. Your getting carried away. Slow down!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

3 Responses to Amish Influenced Social Life

  1. Debbie says:

    So often and so easily, we take in our hands the gifts and treasures of God and turn them into something that they were never intended to be. Thanks for the reminder.

    Living within the work of the Holy Spirit while not easy is always simple, with one motive and one goal in mind.

    Some are able to do that (questionably) and still do x, y and z. Others have to remove x, y and z to keep in line with the work of the Holy Spirit.

    I have a print of the following in the front of my Bible. It is yellowed by age. Perhaps you can relate.

    • Kevin Riner says:

      Thank you for the link. I think that is something I have needed to hear for sometime now. That is a great message to my heart. I can relate to it too well. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my post as well.

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