A Worship Leader’s Lost Voice

The last time I wrote about being sick, everything stopped in my life and I just vegged out. Here I am again. It’s been two weeks and I’m starting to see a small ray of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Let me tell ya about it.

Two weeks ago, my son Levi got his round of shots. That was a Friday. Saturday, he felt like poop but we still went to Jazz On The Lawn. Probably shouldn’t have had him out in his shape but we went anyway. By the end of the night he had already vomited three times. The last one was on me. It’s funny how vomit is a pretty nasty thing, but when your son does it on your shoulder and you know the extent of his illness, it’s not as much bothersome. Little did I know that there was a strong possibility I picked up one of the viruses that was one of his shots.

The doctor my wife works with suggested that by my symptoms, I had contracted pneumococcal from Levi’s shot. I had all the symptoms. By Tuesday night, I was running a fever and weak and my muscles were hurting. I took that Tuesday off. I also have Vertigo so being sick kicked off my dizziness for the next four days. I tried to return to work that Wednesday and Thursday feeling every bit miserable. Thursday night, I started to feel the brunt of it again only to wake up Friday morning with a high fever and my voice gone.

That’s when I panicked and had to find a fill in for worship very quickly. Thankfully, Brandon, a local worship leader, was able to fill in so that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I didn’t move from the couch. I needed the rest. I returned back to work Monday still feeling weak with no voice. Through the next week, I started to recupe still with no voice. Thankfully, we have a wonderful singer at our church so we could try working on some material for the next Sunday. That was interesting. You can read about that here.

So after two weeks, I’m still struggling trying to find my voice. Bronchitis has set in for a while. It’s definitely been an interesting two weeks. Not one I’m willing to revisit for a very long time.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

One Response to A Worship Leader’s Lost Voice

  1. Anonymous says:

    honey i hope u r feeling better now.take care and let me know how u r.love u.

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