9.11.11 Worship Rewind

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Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I find it somewhat ironic that ten years later it would be on a day of corporate worship. We played a video which I have posted at the end and went straight into worship. We also continued the acoustic worship set allowing my voice to continue trying to heal. I did sing a few verses and some low-end harmonies. Baby steps to get my voice back up to par. It’s been a long time since I lost my voice so to me this has been a frustrating recovery.

Mighty To Save – I sang the first verse of this one then a few harmonies. Eddie sang the rest of the song. I was blown away at how the church came prepared to worship. We came out of the video straight into this song. It wasn’t my intention to start off with this song but Pastor brought the video in and I thought Mighty To Save was a great song to transition from a sobering yet encouraging video to worshiping a God who has the whole world in His hands. We typically do the welcome after the first song but everyone was so engaged I almost scrapped that idea. Instead I continued on with our planned schedule.

Shout To The Lord – I know this song is an oldie but it’s a goodie! Plus I love the intro Lincoln Brewster wrote for it. When we went into the bridge I broke it up with some fingerpicking in eighth notes with no sustain to the notes. Gave it an interesting feel. Unfortunately when we came back into the chorus, we lost the beat and got off a little. But we found it by the middle of the chorus. Fun times.

Because of Who You Are –  If you haven’t heard this song, you should. Go to youtube now and listen to it. Eddie brought this song in last week and I have been hooked into singing all week last week. Very fun song to play but you have to stay sharp because it throws some thirds, third minors, and sevenths in there you’d never think about.

How Great Thou Art – What can I say. This is a classic and always will be. People love to sing this song. We like to keep our worship services diverse. You can call it blended if you like but in actuality I don’t agree with  separating our worship services into contemporary and traditional.  A friend of mine the other day told me it was a shame that the younger generation will probably never know any of the hymns. I’d like to prove him wrong.

Here I Am To Worship – We went straight into this song from the last. At first I wanted to just do the chorus but Eddie felt we needed to do the whole song so I caved. Lol I really enjoyed worshiping with this song today. Eddie led us in a wonderful moment.

You Are Good – Eddie and I jammed on this song a few weeks back and wondered how the church would respond to it. So we added it to the song list. SHOCKED!!!! The church sang this song like they’ve been singing it for years. Wow! I’ve never sang this song myself because I have so much trouble singing the bridge portion and playing it at the same time. It’s very difficult to sing a vocal melody of 4/4 over a guitar lick that plays a 3/4. Throws me way off so I don’t attempt it.  But fun song to play for sure.

I had an amazing time a church today. We didn’t labor too much on the whole 9/11 remembrance today. Our church is made up primarily of soldiers. I love the way my pastor put it. “Every time we put on our uniform we remember. Every time we fire our weapon, we remember. Everyday those who wake up in the desert remember. And we don’t wanna come to church to remember our job. We want to come to worship and remember our God!”

I met a soldier who came to our church for the first time today. His name is Todd. Wonderful fellow and a worshiper. I got to spend some time with him and get to know him and hear his story. Whenever I meet someone new and have the opportunity to hear their story, I’m always humbled that they’d share it with me. Very blessed to hear how our church is working in the lives of people here in Clarksville TN. That’s what it’s about right?


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