Torn – Jud Wilhite book review

This book started off in tears. This book ended in tears.True life stories tend to have a major impact on me and Jud Wilhite leaves no shortage of life examples in his book Torn. From a parent losing their children to real life depression, from a lady wondering if she is hurting because of sin in her life to “giants” of the faith struggling with hurts, scripture is brought to life through real life examples.

In Jud’s own words: As challenging and overwhelming as the why questions are in our lives, we’ve seen that the Bible points us to a more fundamental and important question; who. After we move beyond being stuck in the endless cycle of why questions and settle the who questions, we long to know how we can move forward, putting the pieces back together.

Life is troublesome and the bible makes not bones about it. If we follow Christ we will suffer. Suffering can seem to be something that drives us away from wanting to follow God. But as Jud says, that’s precisely what Satan wants to do with our pain is drive us away from God when pain should drive us toward God.

Jud does an amazing job of spelling out why we suffer, who we suffer for, and how we can overcome such pain and suffering. In this easy to read, easy to understand book, (I read it in four hours) he presents great thoughts to help us get through the things in life that we feel seem to be tearing us apart.

Through the first part he explains the who of our suffering and in the second part Jud talks about the how. If you’re having pain or suffering or wonder the classic old question “Why does bad things happen to good people”, I highly suggest you pick up this book. It’s not theologically deep. It’s not a hard read but it does answer some hard, deep questions about life.

This book was given to me for review by the folks at Waterbroook Multnoma.


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