10.16.11 Worship Rewind

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Worship was great but the mechanics stunk. It started off this morning with me having an attitude towards the band. It just seemed to me no one was playing their parts very well. I had to have a heart to heart after rehearsal and apologize for having such a stinky attitude. In the grande scheme of things, what really matters is that people were able to worship.

During the worship time, we all had our goof ups. The sound was being weird for some reason. I was getting my vocals cranked in my in-ears but Ciera was bringing my monitors down. Something with the sound board is jacked. So that had my mind really blown while trying to hear the Holy Spirit and lead worship.Thomas (drummer) couldn’t hear my guitar in his in-ears and that had him messed up.

I Call Your Name was a new song today and although it’s a great song, I’m not sure how well it went over. Some folks said they really liked the new song. We went straight in to Help Me To Find You and at the end I really felt pressed to pray for folks. Not sure why but God just pressed on my heart to spend some time in prayer. After worship I learned Pastor Carlo also felt the same way and had almost intentioned to tell me we needed to spend a moment their but I did it anyway. I do love it when the Holy Spirit leads.

So thankfull through all the crap, we were able to hear the Holy Spirit, be led by Him and worship God. I hope and pray that whoever God was speaking to, heard Him. Today is just another reminder that through all the failures of our attempts to be perfect, God can still move.

Thank you God!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to 10.16.11 Worship Rewind

  1. Terry Timm says:


    Thanks for your honesty about some of your struggles in worship. Yesterday one of our team members came into sound check ten minutes late with no good excuse and everything in me wanted to lay into her. But being the “good leader” we just pushed on (the good news is that she later came to me deeply apologetic and I was really glad I didn’t speak my mind at the time of her late arrival).

    Cool that God confirmed your inclination to pause and pray for people – good job responding to the prompting of the Spirit!

    Stay connected…

    • Kevin Riner says:

      Terry thanks for commenting and the encouraging words. It’s very easy sometimes to want to lay into our “volunteers”. I’m trying my best to grow into the leader God has purposed me to be. There are difficult days and even those times when it seems it would be better just to walk away.

      God always seems to reward us when we stick it out to the end.

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