11.27.11 Worship Rewind

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We had a great day at church today. We’ve been keeping a secret for some time and it finally got revealed today at church. But first let me tell you about our time of worship. It was hard to concentrate in the first song because I knew we were revealing our secret after the first song. I had one little goof up when I went back to sing the chorus one more time at the end by leaving out the first half of the chorus. I’m sure no one caught it but I had meant to sing the full chorus. One of the things no body knows unless you admit it,

I also had lost my in-ears somewhere so I had to use some cheap ear buds during rehearsals that sounded terrible but thankfully I got my hands on some Apple ear buds for go time and it sounded way better. It’s amazing the difference in ear buds.

It was also difficult to lead worship knowing we had revealed our secret after the first song so during the rest of the set there was an atmosphere of excitement. So we didn’t get to deep in the slow songs. That’s why I purposefully planned upbeat songs except “I Stand Amazed” which has the possibility to get rocking too. We kept the energy level up and worshiped that way.

So what was our secret? Thomas (drummer) had planned to get our pastor tickets to the Titans/Buccaneers game here in Nashville. So since Pastor wasn’t preaching he got the tickets. But we also have another die-hard Bucs fan in our church who happened to be the one filling in today giving the message. So we got them both tickets and called in a friend of the church’s, Jonnie W. Jonnie is an amazing comedian, so he came in after the first song, we called pastor up and presented him and Ted, a leader in the church, with the tickets and told them everything was covered. Get out and go to the game.

It was such a blessing to surprise them like that. To know that your church can handle itself without you being there is credentials for the pastor doing his job equipping the church. We had a blast today. Hope you did as well where you worship.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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