12.11.11 Worship Rewind

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Last night we had our Christmas Concert at church. Our mission was not to create an amazing concert but to create a time our church could come together as a family, enjoy one another’s company, eat homemade cookies and brownies, drink cocoa and eggnog and sing some songs together. They kicked but on singing Rudolph. That was some fun!

Mission Accomplished

We heard from so many people say how last night was fun, refreshing, and enjoyable. Kids creating memories with their friends. Parents relaxing before the hectic Christmas season. Christmas memories being established. Good times at church.

This morning we grabbed a couple of songs from the concert and mixed them with some popular worship tunes.Everything sounded right except one little tidbit. For some reason on the first song, I decided without knowing I had decided that I was not going to sing the first verse again. We’ve been practicing Away In A Manger for five weeks and for some unknown reason I forgot to sing the first verse again at the end of the song. I can’t describe it. I totally zonked out and didn’t remember to go back to the first verse.

Other than that, everything went fine. This weekend has been a blast. I just wished I could have enjoyed it far more than I did. But I took on some bronchitis this past week and have not been able to breathe very well. This in turn has cause headaches and loss of strength in my voice. The medicine I have been taking has been causing me stomach troubles so I didn’t even get to enjoy the homemade cookies.

I am so glad that we got to serve the church like we did with the Christmas Concert and goodies. A big thanks to our piano player, Heather Myers, for doing such a great job on the decorations and getting all those cookies made.A big thanks to our band and media team for working so hard the last five weeks to put together a great event. I’ve already heard folks saying they can’t wait till next year. I can! Lol


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6 Responses to 12.11.11 Worship Rewind

  1. Esco says:

    That’s awesome that you took the focus off of the production and put it on Christ! You had fellowship and that what he calls us to have with one another!

  2. Terry Timm says:


    Sounds like a sweet weekend of fellowship and worship!


  3. Adam Ranck says:

    How did you do the night? Did you have it in your normal meeting place with your “normal” setup, or did you change the room around to change the mood? Or did you do it in another way?

    I’m really curious what you meant and did differently when you said you didn’t want to make it an amazing concert but create a time so your church could come together as a family and enjoy each other.

    I’ve done similar things before too, but love to hear how others do it. Cool that you did it!

    • Kevin Riner says:

      Hey Adam, thanks for asking. What we did was utilize our same meeting space, decorated with Christmas lights, a tree, and I built a fireplace. My piano player recruited some ladies to make cookies and we had cocoa and coffee and eggnog.We met at 6:30 so kids could decorate their cookies with all sorts of decorations and everyone got to chill for thirty minutes before the music started.
      We started the music at 7:00 but kept the atmosphere of lounging. Had some coloring books on the tables and invited the folks to sing with us as we had the words on the screen. We played for about an hour.
      And that was it. No service or anything. Just come together and hang out for a time and relax and sing some some Christmas songs; a mixture of Christian and Christmas songs.

      Hope that’s helpful. Thanks for reading my blog.

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