1.29.12 Worship Rewind

  • Let Us Pray – Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  • I Call Your Name – Free Chapel
  • Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle
  • My Redeemer Lives – Hillsong

Today’s message was about prayer in our January series ImpACT. We talked about how prayer can help us make an impact in our community. We started off with a song called Let Us Pray. During rehearsal some folks said this song was cheesy. So… we soaked up some 90’s Christian cheese with this one. There were some folks getting down today as we sang this song so I think some folks really liked that we did it. It wasn’t necessarily a “sing-a-long” song but I guess those who knew it sang along.

We had a neat little transition where Thomas (drummer) just stopped the song on the floor tom and I went straight into the intro of Let God Arise. We had some issues getting into the timing but it worked out in the mix since the chord progression just sits in “A” in the intro. By the time we were done, I was out of breath and made the comment that since we have a church full of military, I needed one of our soldiers to take me out on a ruck march to get me in shape. They ALL said they would oblige, lol.

After announcements, we began I Call Your Name and Thomas (drummer) thought he started it. He doesn’t though and threw me for a loop during the whole song. I ended up missing the first half of the verse singing through the second time because my mind wasn’t working. I also don’t think this song is working very well for our congregation. It’s a great song but it just doesn’t seem to be clicking. If you attend Xtreme and like this song, I would love to hear your thoughts.

I really had to get my mind back on things so I prayed before we started Sweetly Broken. By the time we were done with the song I felt the Spirit moving in my heart and wanted to just stay there for a moment so I played the chord progression and was “quiet” with my voice through a few bars. I then began to sing the chorus again a few times where we brought the dynamics up and rocked through the chorus one more time.

My Redeemer Lives was a good way to end out the set and we had a good time with it. Pastor brought a great message about reaching those far from God.

Today marked the last single service Sunday. Next week we go to two services. We had half our church show up to  volunteer for spots and our leadership team is on it and ready for God to bring more folks to Xtreme. God has big plans through multiple churches in our town this year. I can’t wait to see what it will look like.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to 1.29.12 Worship Rewind

  1. Brad Jahn says:

    Nothing cheesy about it! I’ve been kicking around using SCC’s “The Change” off the same album. We’ll see how much cheese that evokes. As for “I Call Your Name”, I use a half-dozen Free Chapel songs, but this isn’t among them. The message is good, but the song itself is (in my opinion) too uneventful to be a viable Sunday option. Your congregation may be having similar thoughts. Don’t let it bother you too much – chopping songs that we really like is one of the least enjoyable parts of the job, but an unfortunate necessity.

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