Lessons From Levi (Don’t Be Fake)

I hate cold food that should be eaten hot. Grilled cheese should be eaten hot. Pizza should be eaten hot.Chicken nuggets should be eaten hot. Fish sticks should be eaten hot. But… for some reason Levi likes them cold… or maybe hot. Maybe he’s just indifferent because he sure takes a while to eat supper.

Sometimes, Levi likes to walk around carrying a bite of something with no intentions on eating it at all. He’ll carry a piece of grilled cheese, vanilla wafer, goldfish cracker, or potato chip laying it down for a moment then picking it up as if he has plans to eat it only to carry it around further. He won’t allow the piece of food to nourish his body. He finds more pleasure in walking around with it with the appearance he’s eating.

I’m not sure what he gets out of this. It’s not like he’s trying to hoard it from other kids. Just yesterday we found a goldfish cracker in his onesie. It was like he was stashing it to save it for later. Funny though when it fell out as we were changing him, he grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth. Crazy boy.

Here’s the irony. We do the same with our bibles. We carry it with us just to lay in the backseat forever. (Maybe this is your way of staying off car burglars). You may carry it in your book bag with great intentions of reading it at work or school. I guarantee you or you know of someone who leaves it out on their coffee table for all to see, dusting it occasionally. Got one in your trunk? Under your arm rest in your car? On your night stand?

The point is you never read the stinkin’ thing. You just carry it around or leave it in plain sight to put on this facade that you read it. Who are you fooling? I can’t stand fake people. If you’re not going to read it, put it up, quit carrying it around. It’s useless. Because if you needed it, you wouldn’t know where to turn to if you had too. You don’t read it enough to familiarize yourself with what God says.

So what have I learned from Levi that you should too? Eat the food or put it up. But quit being fake and pretending you’re gonna partake! (Hey, that rhymed).

*Levi is my 2-year-old and I'm learning life lessons watching him grow


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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