Lessons From Levi (The List)

I’ve learned a lot over the few weeks watching Levi through the lens of faith. Watching his movements, actions, and observing through spiritual eyes have been extraordinary. I have been pleasantly surprised watching Levi do things I never thought a child his age could do.

If you’ve been keeping up with the many posts I have written, thank you for reading and watching Levi mesmerize. If you haven’t and you’ve happened on to this post, this post is for you. I have compiled all Lessons From Levi here so that you didn’t miss a one. So… Here we go.

Lessons From Levi – The exhaustive edition.

  • Faith – Tomorrow, you may need to make a big step. This year may see you in a place to make a big step. Be faithful. Hold on to God and make a step. It may kick you in the butt in the process but you’ll succeed.
  • In His Image – People should be saying of us, “You are your Father’s son/daughter. There is no denying it.”
  • Selfishness – Christians aren’t just part of people’s life, they’re in their life. They get to know others so that they know how to pray for them, communicate with them, encourage them and serve them.
  • Failure – The alternative to failing is not doing anything and producing nothing. It’s ok if we fall. Cry for a moment. Get back up and start walking again.
  • Getting In Trouble – The last thing I should do is avoid the very one who loves me with an utmost love and knows what’s best for me and cares enough for me to show me what’s right.
  • Dirty Diapers – His grace has removed our poopiness and exchanged it for beauty (Isaiah 61:3). But only if we let Him change our poopy diaper and throw it out!.
  • Reflecting God – I think God designed humans that way simply because He wants us to replicate Him. He created us in His image, so He wants us to mirror His character, His attributes, and His heart.
  • Just Say No – Thanks to Levi, when I tell him no, I’m reminded that God tells me no. I do it for the best of Levi, and God does it for the best of me.
  • Don’t Be A Fake – So what have I learned from Levi that you should too? Eat the food or put it up. But quit being fake and pretending you’re gonna partake!

*Levi is my 2-year-old and I'm learning life lessons watching him grow


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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