3.25.12 Worship Rewind

  • Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew
  • Here I Am To Worship – Tim Hughes

I watched it leave me. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. Yesterday was turning out to be a pretty good day. I got some reading done, headed off to a birthday party, the first of the day. Things were going great, then at 6:00, Our pianist had her birthday gathering and we had a great time playing this game Encore. Unfortunately, during the game, I could hear my voice slipping from me. Most times we wake up with our voices gone, but I watched mine up and walk right out on me.

I got home, and started doctoring it with hot tea and honey, did the same this morning and got to church only to see that it hadn’t returned to me. I panicked. Can I confess? I got very angry with God. I have been praying for Him to send me someone who I could train up for three years and nobody has come. How could He let this happen. He knows I have no back up. I can’t hardly take time away from church because there is nobody to lead worship when I’m gone. Now my voice is gone. What am I supposed to do; not have music? (that’s a rhetorical question)

A few months ago Pastor Carlo encouraged us to begin using the talents and gifts God has given us and quit wasting away on them. after service, a lady came up to me and said she is interested in singing. She could only offer a couple of weeks a month but she wanted to serve. She has sung back up on only a couple of Sundays since and this morning she was my only hope. She got to church this morning and I dropped the bomb on her. She “saved” us by saying she would give it a shot.

Boy did she?! We changed the set list to just a couple of songs she knew well. She led worship like nobody’s business. I’m very proud of her stepping up like that and leading us this morning. I’m very thankful as well. I can’t stand not being able to sing during worship. My throat is killing me right now because I CAN”T KEEP QUIET!!!

By the way, I apologized to God. I knew it was wrong of me to blame Him like that. I began to question though why He would allow it. We had a lot of visitors today. Maybe one of the songs we had planned to sing would have done some damage and hurt somebody. Maybe something I would have said would have rubbed someone wrong. Maybe, Jayce had been praying to God to help her step out of her comfort zone. There are so many reasons why I could have lost my voice. I don’t have the answers.

One thing is for sure. Today, we worshiped. I was concerned what would happen but God knew what could happen. I’m thankful I serve a God who can only be God in situations like these.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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