Dug Down Deep book review

Joshua Harris, the author of  “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” made me kiss dating goodbye. It made my wife kiss dating goodbye. Then soon afterwards, my wife and I began kissing each other. (Long but GOOD story). I love Joshua Harris’ writing style. It’s readable. It’s understandable. It’s teachable and it has a way of bringing light to difficult subjects. He doesn’t fall short to these sentiments in his book “Dug Down Deep“.

I picked up this book mainly because I was ready for a new book to read. Theology was not my desire at the moment. Especially after seeing books like Systematic Theology and the thickness of its bind as well as it’s subject. I was glad that I chose it as soon as I received it. I opened it straight up and couldn’t put it down. Normally I read four to five books a month be this one had me so enthralled I took time reading it and writing notes.

If you’re looking for a book on theology yet don’t want the weight that comes with the typical load, this book is for you. Joshua Harris takes theological truths and breaks them down for the everyday reader and gives them life by building stories around how theology is applicable. You won’t read this book like stereo instructions. You’ll see points jump off the page and into real life as he talks about things such as; doctrine of scripture, theology proper, atonement, penal substitution, propitiation, redemption accomplished vs. redemption applied, regeneration, justification, adoption, sanctification, cessationists vs. continuationist, and humble orthodoxy.

I’ve read the deep theological books. Sometimes you just need something to chew a little and get a big taste. This is that book. Theology made simple to get your gears to turn and think about truth. If theology interests you, I highly recommend this book for you or even a small group study. This will definitely get the brain juices running.

The fine folks at Multnomah gave me a free copy to review.


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