Say It Again, Sam

I used to play baseball. I used to coach baseball. I used to umpire baseball. Now I just watch baseball. I love baseball. I consume baseball. I am a baseball fanatic. Not just a team. Not just a league. I’ll watch it from T-ball to Major League. I love me some baseball.

I also love the lingo-

“Keep your eye on the ball, leaving ducks on the pond, now you’re ready, run it out, Good eye, that was a worm burner, playing chin music, RBI pronounced RIBBIE, bang-bang play, touch em all, swing that stick, o-fer, whiffing, roped that ball, call it, juuuuuust a bit outside,

… and here’s a real good one for you – “If that huckleberry is a buttercup, the apple may be a can of corn.”

The smells and sounds of the baseball park are enough to make me drool. The smell of leather and fresh-cut grass, the taste of cracker jacks, and the sounds of the crack of the bat, the pop of the mitt, the cheer of the crowd when the home team takes the field spreading our to their position like fireworks popping in the sky. I simply love it!

Growing up in the church of Christ I went to an old country church with two small Sunday School rooms for the kids and the main sanctuary. The floors creaked, the musty smell of the sanctuary, the aftershock of all the White Rain in Granny’s hair, the dim lights that always reminded me of Smarties suckers, the hard pews, the two red velvet chairs the song leader and preacher sat in during service, the taste of double mint gum or Juicy Fruit (whichever Granny had in her purse at the time), the felt board bible characters, “snacks” in the form of grape juice and crackers, etc.

There’s also the church language that I miss. It’s sometimes referred to as Christianese. The generations coming up refrain from using such language because it’s not “relevant”. Which is cool. I get that. I’m just saying I miss it.

Things like-

Sanctification, redemption, washed in the blood, admonish, anointing, atoning, consecration, intercession, propitiation, repentance, and FUN, FOOD, and FELLOWSHIP!

Most are theological terms but we don’t use them anymore. I wonder if it’s because Christians are to shallow these days and don’t study their bible. As long as we love one another, that’s all that matters, right? Basically I’m saying I miss using these terms and not being looked at all weird.  Except for the FFF. I could care less to ever have a “fun, food, and fellowship” night EVER again! And the ones in this video… I don’t ever care to use.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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