Marriage Small Group

My wife and I have been hosting a small group since October on marriage with three other  couples and we are finally coming to the end. We are at the last day we will be meeting and we are gonna party because we are all now professionals at marriage. Well maybe not, but at least we are a step closer. So in the midst of finalizing what we have gone through the last six months, I am opening up the new small group sign ups.

In our small group we’ll be discussing about how You are all jacked up causing YOUR marriage to be jacked up. No, seriously, when  a sinful person marries a sinful person and they try to have a marriage in a flawed world, things can get all jacked up, even on Mt. Dew. Especially on Mt. Dew.

Really though, we’ll be going through Paul Tripp’s book What Did You Expect. You will be expected to buy this book and during small group we will be going through some videos and discussing about how Mt. Dew jacks our marriage up. I meant sin! Sin jacks our marriage up. Now I’m getting thirsty.

In all honesty though, we are ALL battling sin in our marriage and it’s not healthy to keep some score of how your spouse is messed up and you’re all perfect or close to it anyway. YOU are messed up in sin. YOUR spouse is messed up in sin and when you focus on your faults and your spouse focuses on their faults then marriage can start to become healthy again.

If you want to join, I need to know soon. If we get enough response, we will be meeting at the church in order to keep the kids locked away, I mean corralled, sorry I meant TAUGHT in the Kid’s Space while the adults are creating a better future and legacy for them. We will have very light snacks like coffee, and coffee and more coffee and great dialogue which is me teaching and you hushing. Joking. You can talk too but only when you leave.

Details will follow after we have enough people to join us on this crazy roller coaster called the Wabash Cannonball of Marriage  so sign up TODAY!!!!

Sign up HERE!!!

Contact me HERE!

Or jerk me to the side at church HERE and demand I let you in.

Here are some resources


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child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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