Thinking Out Loud

My heart is breaking right now for others AND myself. There are three things that are happening through conversation right now that have me not necessarily questioning my own convictions but more so questioning the ability to speak to others about the truths of scripture. I understand that the Holy Spirit is the one who works in us and it’s not my words that changes a person’s life.

Firstly is the success of the movie Magic Mike and the book 50 Shades of Grey. My problem is that these two forms of media are promoting a form of adultery. Yeah, I know that’s a hard word but being someone who was addicted to porn for years, leads me to believe nothing clean and holy comes from these sources of entertainment.

50 Shades of Grey

I read an article from Dannah Gresh on why she’s not reading the book 50 Shades of Grey. The argumentation in the comments suggests she has no right to review a book she has never read. I highly disagree based on the books she written and the foundation she’s created all based on sexual purity. She’s well learned in the studies of sexuality so I don’t think it’s necessary to read a book after all other reviews suggest what she already knows. It’s called a straw man review. I think if you are well versed in your studies on such subjects, there’s really no need to read a work if you are already against the subjects the work is promoting.

Magic Mike

The movie Magic Mike concerns me because women are coming out in droves with the attitude that there men get to see “tits and ass” in movies all day long so it’s finally their turn. This crushes me with their “if he can do it, so can I” attitude. That’s not a healthy way to invest into your marriage. I’ve also read comments that wives allow their husbands to go to strip clubs cause when they get home, they’ll be excited to make love to them. I can’t begin to think how this is unhealthy to a marriage, to allow another woman to spice up your marriage so that they’ll come home to please their spouse. It’s incredible.

A Conversation Over Coffee

This hits home because my pastor and previous pastor are involved in these conversations and I am in a whirlwind of emotion. Convos over Coffee is a discussion to find common ground between the LGBT Christian community and the Church and discussing issues based on fact, and find ways to properly minister to those in the LGBT community.

They already had one meeting and I missed it due to me having a dinner with the editors of my book. However they have a facebook page and I’ve been keeping up with a lot of the comments only to be left with my own questions that I believe can never really be answered to the Day of Jesus’ return. He is the eternal judge but I have to live with people who believe differently than me so how can we be about the same goal, making God famous, yet having different beliefs on what He says is wrong or right.

I have a lot of thoughts here but too much to elaborate in this post and really I don’t like such conversations happening through type. It’s better to have those convos through speech. Although I wasn’t at the discussion, by reading most of the comments, I believe there is one fundamental problem. That is the belief that the act of homosexuality is a sin. I believe it is yet I can’t see how to have a conversation to make God famous if this fundamental issue is not agreed upon.

Saying that the discussion is to find common ground between the LGBT Christian community and the Church is the same as saying that I’d like to find common ground between me living in sin and the church being ok with that. I find that impossible.

The other issue I had from being in the shallow end of the pool looking into the deep end, is that biblical doctrine was not allowed. It was not allowed to talk about what the bible says about homosexuality. It was only allowed to talk about how we could all get along, not discussing what is or isn’t sinful. Because in the moderator’s post about the night he wrote

” “Let’s agree to disagree on the obvious,” I said, pointing out that no one was going to change our minds on the “clobber verses,” and that no one was going to change anyone’s mind on same-sex relationships. They are what they are.”

Again I wasn’t there so maybe I’m missing a lot of what came out that night and looking forward to being at the next one. I’m still having issues getting past the fundamental differences. That’s my hangup. I’m not saying I can’t love and work with people who are different minded than me. I’m saying my biggest issues is it seems that it’s ok for them to think their sin is ok, that it’s not sin at all, yet I’ve had to come to grips with my sin and confess. Yes, I still sin and mess up but I can’t say to God it’s ok because I don’t see it as sin so I’m not being sinful. Once again I think this is a Holy Spirit issue meaning being open to what the Holy Spirit reveals to us through God’s grace.

I know my last paragraph can open up one HUGE can of worms. Let me be clear. This is my issues. I’m not force feeding my beliefs to you. It’s what I’m dealing with. It’s like I’ve said before regarding homosexuality, I can’t find THAT word mentioned in the bible but I can find sexual immorality. That leads us to define in our culture what constitutes sexual immorality because some would say it’s different from other cultures.

So here are some open thoughts probably not thought out real well and such subjects have been debated for years and could never be cleared up by one blog post, especially mine. That’s not my goal. My goal was to get this out of my heart so I can move on with my day. Thanks for reading.


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