Being Encouraged By Ridicule

*DISCLAIMER – If you are  put off by strong language, don’t read.

Every other day I run. I hate running. I hate it. I explained why I’m running again here. As I run the path I have marked out, I pass some graffiti spray painted on the road. This graffiti shocked me the first time I saw it. I contemplated changing my route but decided against it.Why? Because I use it for my encouragement. I use it to push me. I use it as if Satan himself is pissed because I’m trying to make my life better. Every time I read it, I laugh because in my head it’s like Satan is getting madder and madder the more I push myself.

Are you curious to what it says now. I ask you to brace yourself. Remember the disclaimer? Ok, this is what it says.


Let’s be real. Satan is not a Christian. Satan doesn’t like God. Matter of fact, Satan hates God. So why in the world would we think Satan would use flowery words to dismantle us? Do we really think we can be a Christian removed from this world without experiencing the harshness of Satan’s tyranny? Really?

Satan doesn’t care about using words that edify, build up, make you feel better. Those that are of this world, under the reign of Satan, those who are NOT Christian shouldn’t be expected to act like a Christian. I’m just being real. Satan is not concerned about what words appall us. Wait, maybe he is. Only for the reason of distracting and upsetting us, to cause us to stumble and be discouraged, to get us off track.

My point

I shouldn’t and won’t be discouraged when the enemy tries to back me down. I will use the discouraging words to push on because my God is greater and can do mighty things through me (1 John 4:4). This graffiti, this word of harassment, I use for my betterment. I will succeed because my enemy wants to see me fall.

Satan is a liar; God is truth

Satan is death; God is life

Satan is weak; God is strong

Satan is a devourer; God is a mender

Satan is momentary; God is eternal



About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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