Forgive Me If I Don’t Get Excited

Oh, you want to be part of the worship team?

Oh, you’re gonna visit my church next Sunday?

Oh, you’re looking for a relevant church with contemporary music and dynamic speaking?

Oh, you’re gonna get more involved by volunteering?

Oh, it breaks your heart that there are people hurting and needs help?

Oh, you want to start a small group?

How about this. SHUT UP AND DO IT! Was that too frank? I don’t apologize. As a leader in the church, I get so tired of hearing people telling me they want to serve and I never see them even attempt to do it. They make no effort because they’re looking for affirmation from the pastor. I have folks asking me about being on the worship team until they hear about the commitment they have to make. I get told so many times by people saying they’ll see me at church next Sunday and they never show up; not even a Sunday later.

You want to host a small group, do it! You want to feed the hungry, take somebody some food.  If you want to be a worship leader, lead worship at the local coffee bar. If you want to be a speaker, start hosting a bible study at your house. If you want to volunteer at church, start by cleaning the toilets (all churches need more janitors). You don’t need your pastor’s permission to do ministry. Unless you want a name, a position, or recognition.

Quit telling the leadership at your church that you want to do something when you have no desire to do it unless you get some sort of recognition. Jesus says those who desire to be first should put themselves last. Serve others first. Quit striving for position and start striving to make God famous. Start by showing your willingness to serve without a position. Churches need people who are willing to serve rather than be served by a position.

I’m sure I speak for all leaders when I say we’re tired of empty promises and pseudo desires. We’re tired of being let down by man. No wonder the bible says if you put your hope in man, you’re setting yourself up for a fall (Psalm 118:8, Jeremiah 17:5-6, Luke 10:30-37).

Let me say it again. If you want to do something for God, do it! Show your church leadership that you seriously desire to serve others (Matthew 25:23).


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

5 Responses to Forgive Me If I Don’t Get Excited

  1. mara says:

    you were not too frank you were just frankly telling the truth. so to that i say amen… just know that the infants in Christ will be offended…but fortunately babies DO grow up!

  2. Steve W. says:

    It’s a very interesting subject, Kevin. I’m sure many people much smarter than myself have thought this through with actual data, but what I’ve seen, experienced, etc. is this:
    As with any emotional speaker, event, video, etc, you begin to make decisions that later the logical part of your brain doesn’t like. The emotional parts wants to be a leader and do good for others, but the mechanics of it, the discipline, the commitment that entails is often overwhelming and most people, frankly, are just too lazy to start and/or see it through to any measurable amount.
    I personally have a big problem of overcommiting myself and poor time management. Only in recent years have I began to say NO to many things that I really wish I could help with but simply do not have the time. If I let my emotional brain do my time scheduling, it would kick out sleep and work and I would be ran to death.

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