7.29.12 Worship Rewind

  • Friend of God – Israel Houghton
  • Hosanna – Paul Baloche
  • Oh Praise Him – David Crowder Band

We had our annual baptism service today at the park. Two churches gathered together; Xtreme and Freedom Church. The worship pastor from Freedom, Brandon, and I led worship. I started with Friend of God. Brandon played some pretty good guitar licks through the verses and sounded pretty good.

I began the next song, Hosanna. I started the service off with a welcome, I sang the first song and half the second, I began to think if folks were wondering if Brandon was going to sing. He picked up on the second verse and finished the song.

The third song Brandon took us out with Oh Praise Him.

Our voices are so different from each other, it made Hosanna sound good blending harmonies and taking verses. It was refreshing to have someone lead with me. Brandon has such a great voice. I really enjoyed it.

We took up offering and Pastor Carlo gave a brief message on what baptism is all about.

We walked down to the creek where we intended for 3 people to get baptized. By the time we were done baptizing folks, we had dunked 11 people. That’s 9 spontaneous decisions. That was freakin awesome!

Father baptizing daughter, father baptizing son, mother and daughter being baptized, husband and wife being baptized, father and son being baptized.WOW!!! Such a great day.

Let’s EAT!!!

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About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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