8.12.12 Worship Rewind

  • God Is Alive – Fee
  • What A Savior – Laura Story
  • How Great Thou Art – Hymn
  • God You Rein – Lincoln Brewster

Today we had a great day of worship. I had a lot going on in my head regarding nerves doing a LOUD Nirvana song, trying to manage the media department with one of our volunteers missing, we didn’t get to rehearse Wednesday night because we attended a webinar by Dan Wilt. We played two songs that we hadn’t played in a while and one song we brought in new last week and another with questionable arrangement till I arranged it last minute. I guess you could chalk it up as unpreparedness but it really wasn’t. I did have a pretty busy week.

God Is Alive is one we hadn’t played it in a while. The band did a great job having had only one run through. I was having trouble with my EQ pedal and thankfully got it worked out by the second service.

What A Savior is becoming one of my favorites to sing. Unfortunately in the first service, I capoed the guitar on the wrong fret. Glad I caught it before the band came in.

How Great Thou Art is an Xtreme arrangement. We had to take a moment to rearrange some chords but our worship team is that amazing to play on the fly. Very proud of our keyboard (Heather) player playing more piano today as well as playing some really cool sounding inverted chords. I think it was second service I leaned on the piano and sang a chorus at the end.

God You Reign – I’m not saying that we sounded awesome on that song (yes I am) but I think Lincoln would be very proud to hear us play it. I love that song too. It had been a while since we played it and again out team was on it.

After announcements, the bass player and I changed guitars and we jammed out some Lithium from Nirvana to help teach the scriptures in Romans 2.  I screamed. I jammed and felt like I was 20 again in the touring band and it was really fun. I think my church and I are on a new level with our relationship. I only wished we had  had a mosh pit. I remember the days of playing full energy and giving my all and looking at the crowd and they’re just standing there. Felt that way. It was still fun. Next week, On A Plain.


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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