An Honest Question

Can I be transparent? I want to see my church grow. I want to see people grow. I think numbers are important for the simple fact the more people know Jesus, the more people tell others about Jesus. Perry Noble says it like this; “Saved people serve people.”

Today I was on my bike ride through my neighborhood, and since I’ve been doing that I pray for the families in the houses I pass and ask God how our church can serve these neighbors of mine. I haven’t gotten an answer yet but I’m not giving up on praying for them as I pass by them. I did get a question this morning. One I didn’t expect to get and I and find it difficult to honestly answer it. The question that God asked me was…

If I sent you to these people and they accepted my word but decided to worship at another church rather than Xtreme, would you be ok with that?

I was silenced. I want to say yes because it’s about His kingdom, and it’s about His church, not mine and it’s about His glory not ours, and it’s about God not me.

I also want to say that I want to see our church grow. I want to see our church flourish. I want to see numbers at our church go up because I want to see tangible evidence to our work.

But that’s the wrong answer.

Honestly though, it’s Your church God, Your kingdom, Your glory. So send me so that you can receive what is Yours and not mine and lead them to Your house to worship, not mine!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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