8.26.12 Worship Rewind

  • Today Is The Day – Lincoln Brewster
  • Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • Holy And Anointed – Brian Doerksen (Xtreme Worship arrangement)
  • Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

What a day!

My wife Carrie was out of town this weekend so I had my two-year old, Levi, to get ready this morning before church as well as myself which really wasn’t that bad but we started praying before church each Sunday at 7:30 and he was fine playing by himself till the moment we started praying. That’s when he wanted to show everyone his toys so I had to take him to the children’s room and pray in there as he played with the toys.

We also added another guitar to the mix this morning so we had to take time doing a sound check and that’s always fun trying to keep everyone a decent levels. That was a little tense trying to get everyone on the same page. Fun but tense. I love that sort of thing because it’s fun putting together bands and mixing. We began practice and everything was just crazy with me. Just one of those days that nothing was falling into place.

We started with Today Is The Day. Second week of playing this new song. It sounded great today. Everyone sounded so tight. I especially love when the band drops out on the last chorus for the first line and me and Jayce (BGV) sings the line with stacked vocals. Everyone else is n the mix and it’s all vocals for a line. Sounded so cool!

Our God is still one that takes every bit of my concentration to play and sing at the same time. I’m playing the electric 1/4 notes and making sure I’m hitting the right chord pattern all while singing. Once gain, the band is on it and tight and sounding so good. I really like playing that song.

Holy and Anointed is becoming fun again because I’ve started to add some guitar licks throughout the song making it a little more grooving. We don’t play this song in any way that Brian Doerksen plays it. I once went to a Youth Conference about 8 years ago and they played it with an upbeat and so this is my variation of the way I heard it once. Really dig it better than the slow version.

Now the fun stuff.

Sweetly Broken was one for the memory books. For some reason I had put the lyrics into my notebook after the Nirvana song. Before the first service I moved it to the right place but without realizing swapped page one and two putting two before one. I had done this after rehearsal is the reason I sang it right in rehearsal. When it came to the first service, I started  singing the second verse and really had no clue it was out of order till I got to the chorus and realized my paper said chorus x2 which means sing it twice. That’s when I thought something wasn’t right and looked at the page numbers and then I realized they were out of order and I just sang the third and fourth verse. I looked over at our bass player and waddled my hand signaling I just realized what I had done. I looked out and I think I was the last one in the room to realize it. Everyone was laughing.

Serious moment ruined by laughter. I made sure after the service I fixed it. The whole band double checked me too.

After announcements, we played our new arrangement of Smells Like Teen Spirit. My pastor’s son is the bass player and my pastor threw him under the bus by telling everyone that he didn’t like the idea of changing the arrangement (I didn’t know that). He’s a purist and I totally get that. But he wasn’t singing it. I was and I wasn’t willing to scream. I think we all decided it turned out sounding really good. During the second service, our drummer broke his stick right on the last crash. It was epic! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this Nirvana series. Next week, we get to play Something In The Way. Then it’s on to rehearsing for Christmas!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

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