I Love My J.O.B.

I remember when I posted it on Facebook. I can take you to the house, where it stands today. I remember the crawl space. I remember the man who owned the house that made me feel as if I was nothing to him. I remember the heat of the day. I remember almost everything about that day.

I relive it so often that I can’t help but to look back and give praise to God that he has delivered me from my questions. He has delivered me from my heartache. He has delivered me from my anxieties. He has delivered me from the depressions. He has delivered me from the awful feeling of waking up and dreading the day.

I posted on Facebook wondering if it was ever possible to do work that matters. I had been treated like some animal who didn’t have loving owners. Given no respect for my position of killing termites. Given no honor of crawling in his messy crawl space. I felt lower than the first rung of a totem pole.

The only beauty that came from that day was seeing the comments after my post that what I was doing did matter. They told me I was keeping folks from losing financially. I was protecting an investment. I was creating a healthier living for those who live in the house. The comments came and the comments are what held me together that day.


I can say I have been delivered. I love to wake up each morning and do my work. I love to meet people who have a need and I can make a difference. I love that I am doing WORK THAT MATTERS.

Being a career coach is far better than I ever possibly thought it could be. When I meet a client, typically they are depressed and full of anxiety because they have been looking for a job for so long with no luck. I walk in with a glimmer of hope and over time their life seems renewed with a new sense of purpose and goal.

I get emails weekly about how I have provided hope and excitement In their lives. They feel like once again they have a reason to get up in the morning. A renewed sense of drive if you will.

This is exactly what drives me. To know that I am making a difference in someone’s life is reason for me to wake up and put on my business casual and drive all over town making connections, sitting in meetings and listening to someone talk way too much. I thought one day that the only work that maters was working for Dave Ramsey. God has shown me it wasn’t. There is other work that matters and this is one of them.

I love my J.O.B.!!!!


About Kevin Riner
child of grace, worshiper of Jesus, husband, father, Pastor of Village Church, author of Faith Debugged

2 Responses to I Love My J.O.B.

  1. Jake says:

    BOOM! Love this!!!!!!

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